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Sarah Tew

Apple TV may finally get Amazon video app this summer

Rumor has it a deal is being worked out that will bring Amazon Video, which is essentially an iTunes rival, to Apple TV this summer.

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For Amazon Prime members, the one glaring strike against Apple TV has been its inability to stream Amazon video content. But according to a Recode report, Apple and Amazon may be on the verge of putting their differences aside and will bring the Amazon video app to Apple TV this summer.

Amazon Prime Video.


No one from either company would go on record confirming the possibility, but Recode said the two tech giants were close to an agreement, "according to people familiar with the two companies."

Apple's iOS mobile devices have long supported a stripped-down version of Amazon's video app that doesn't allow purchases. But the app -- in any form -- has never been available for Apple TV.

Competing set-top boxes from Roku, meanwhile, support all the major streaming apps and allow for movie rentals and purchases directly through through those apps.

At the heart of the conflict is the fact that Amazon Video and Apple iTunes are rival services. In 2015, Amazon stopped selling Apple TV and Google Chromecast boxes because Amazon didn't want its customers returning boxes after they discovered Prime Video streaming wasn't supported.

Apple declined to comment on the rumor and we were still awaiting a response from Amazon when this story posted.