Suddenlink Internet Review: Decent Promo Prices, but Poor Customer Satisfaction Scores

This Altice USA company offers broadband service to nearly 2 million customers in the South and West.

Article updated on October 5, 2022 at 2:17 PM PDT

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Suddenlink home internet service rating

How we calculated our rating

/ 10
Customer Care
  • Fast speeds with appealing promo pricing
  • No data caps or contracts
  • Equipment rental included in monthly rate
  • Steep price increase after the first year
  • Customer satisfaction numbers have steadily declined in recent years

Spoiler alert: This article has become obsolete. Why? Because Suddenlink's parent company, Altice USA, has rebranded Suddenlink. It will be fully folded into the company's Optimum broadband line by the end of this year. 

Suddenlink home internet, which has over a million customers, features some aggressive promo pricing for cable internet and also features some nice perks -- hello, free HBO Max -- as well.  

Additionally, you have no contracts, a money-back guarantee and, in most markets, no data caps. How can you go wrong? 

Locating local internet providers


Here are all the states where Suddenlink offers internet service.

Suddenlink Communications

Alas, it's not all roses and sunshine. Despite the excellent intro pricing, Suddenlink suffers from fading customer satisfaction rankings and a significant second-year price increase. Even though most of its footprint has access to gigabit service, some areas don't see those fast speeds.     

That brings us back to the familiar mantra you've heard from us time and again regarding internet service providers -- the value of a provider often comes down to what it offers at your specific address. 

Locating local internet providers

Here's where you can get Suddenlink

Suddenlink provides home internet service to communities in 17 states:

Arizona Nevada
Arkansas New Mexico
California North Carolina
Idaho Ohio
Kansas Oklahoma
Kentucky Texas
Louisiana Virginia
Mississippi West Virginia
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Among those states, Suddenlink has its highest concentration of service areas within Texas (over 100 markets), West Virginia (40), Oklahoma (30), Arkansas (29) and Louisiana (28).

Suddenlink is actively expanding its footprint

When we reached out to Suddenlink to ask about its cable hybrid network, a spokesperson highlighted parent company Altice's commitment to broadening its reach, saying it's "continuously looking for strategic ways to expand our footprint, including new builds, fiber upgrades… to bring our advanced suite of connectivity products to even more customers."

Further, Suddenlink currently offers its gigabit service to over 80% of homes within its reach and has upgraded up to 300,000 homes to max download speeds of 400Mbps or even gigabit speeds where the max was previously 150Mbps. 

Suddenlink internet plans and pricing

We've listed below the plans available in approximately 80% of Suddenlink's markets, but speeds will vary by location and some areas may not offer all three options. In some markets, you may have only one or two plan choices. 

Here's an overview of what you'll commonly find.

Suddenlink internet plans

Plan Max speedsStarting monthly priceRegular monthly price (after 12 months)Monthly equipment feeData capContract
Suddenlink 300
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300Mbps download, 20Mbps upload$40 $110 NoneNoneNone
Suddenlink 500
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500Mbps download, 20Mbps upload$60 $130 NoneNoneNone
Suddenlink 1 Gig
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940Mbps download, 35Mbps upload$80 $140 NoneNoneNone

The starting price rocks, but a steep increase looms

There's very little to complain about with Suddenlink's introductory pricing. It's excellent. While the exact plans and pricing you'll get are dependent on your address, the promotional deals it offers are extremely competitive no matter where you live. 

For example, the 11 cents average cost per Mbps for the introductory rates is better than what you'll find with fellow cable providers like Spectrum (17 cents), Optimum (21 cents), Xfinity (25 cents), Sparklight (28 cents) and Cox (53 cents). Suddenlink is definitely a good value right out of the gate.

That said, I can feel your question coming: So, what's the catch? It's not really a catch but a common ISP practice: Like most internet providers, Suddenlink bumps up its prices after your first 12 months of service. Unlike some providers, Suddenlink doesn't trap you by locking you into a term agreement that forces you into a higher rate or threatens a major fee if you break that contract. 

A Suddenlink spokesperson told CNET that its customers would receive notice of the new rate 30 days before the promo period's expiration: "The exact rate change at the end of the first 12 months varies depending on product mix and offer, and we also provide additional promotional credits at the end of the initial 12 month period to minimize the rate increase for customers." 

Additional Suddenlink fees

Great news for customers: Suddenlink no longer charges an additional equipment fee. Before 2022, Suddenlink's Wi-Fi equipment rental fee for the Altice Gateway was $10 a month, which, at the time, was a tad lower than most providers. You'll find that most ISPs charge around $15 a month for their modem/router combo. 

ACSI rankings of US customer satisfaction with internet service providers
Enlarge Image
ACSI rankings of US customer satisfaction with internet service providers

Nowhere to go but up? Suddenlink didn't fare well on the latest ACSI numbers.


Also, Suddenlink is pretty proud of its equipment -- in April 2021, it introduced its Smart WiFi 6 gateway, which boasts speeds up to three times faster than previous routers. It's still not available to all customers but should be available to all gigabit plan subscribers or the highest speed tier in areas where the 1 Gig plan is unavailable.

Suddenlink vs. competitors: Customer satisfaction numbers are going the wrong way

In 2017, Suddenlink earned its highest score in the American Customer Satisfaction Index survey of ISPs nationwide. Suddenlink received a customer satisfaction score of 66 out of 100, which was 2 points higher than the industry average. But since that time, the numbers have been dropping every year. In fact, for 2022, Suddenlink notched 53 out of 100, dead last among qualifying ISPs in the survey. That's down 4% from the previous year (which itself had been a previous low) and a stunning 11 points below the industry average. Is that bad? It's certainly not good.

Things went slightly better, relatively speaking, over at J.D. Power, where Suddenlink escaped the bottom spot in the South region. That "honor" went to HughesNet. However, Suddenlink's 621 points out of a possible 1,000 were well below the regional average of 727 and, continuing the theme from the ACSI report, were below the numbers it earned the previous year.

When many of us are leaning on our home connections more than ever, it's disheartening to see these numbers trending down for Suddenlink.

Suddenlink deals and promos try to sweeten the pot

Perhaps in response to those downturns in customer satisfaction measurements, Suddenlink is trying to offer more consumer-friendly practices. At present, Suddenlink has a handful of limited-time offers available. First, all online orders for Internet 300 or above receive a free Wi-Fi Extender, free installation -- standard installation typically runs $99 -- and a Visa Prepaid Card (from $50-$200, depending on the plan you choose).

Second, when you sign up for Suddenlink home internet service, you'll be eligible to get 12 months of phone service for $5 per month if you add Optimum Mobile.

Lastly, new customers for Internet 300 or above will get several free months of HBO Max. That's a solid value of $15 a month. Internet 300 customers will get three free months ($45 value), Internet 500 will receive six free months ($90 value), and Gig customers will get a full year of HBO Max for free ($180 value). 

Let's sum it up

When it comes down to cost -- which is often the bottom line for many of us -- it's hard to beat the promo prices of Suddenlink. It does a great job of offering competitive pricing for relatively fast download speeds. It also boasts low equipment fees and some decent promo perks. You'll also need to embrace those perks because a price increase will be coming after one year, and you'll also have to deal with a company that's still struggling with how to better the satisfaction of its customers. Perhaps these more aggressive perks and customer-centric policies will make a difference down the road.

Suddenlink home internet FAQs

Is Suddenlink the same company as Altice?

It is now. Suddenlink Communications was founded as its own company in 2003 in St. Louis, Missouri. Altice USA became its parent company when it acquired Suddenlink in 2015. A year later, Altice purchased Cablevision, which became Optimum. So, Altice USA, through the Suddenlink and Optimum brands, delivers broadband service in 21 different states.

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How do I contact Suddenlink internet customer service?

You can contact Suddenlink online or via its chat function at its Contact Us page. If you are new to Suddenlink, you can also call them at 877-694-9474. Current Suddenlink customers, either looking for technical support or other help, can call 877-794-2724. Lastly, if you need to track down a Suddenlink location, you can find a list of Suddenlink stores online.

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What is Altice Advantage Internet?

Optimum Advantage Internet -- formerly called Altice Advantage Internet -- is an affordable internet service offered to Suddenlink and Optimum customers. Qualifying households have access to max download speeds of 50Mbps for $15 a month. There is no contract required, discounted installation, no data cap and the gateway is included for free. 

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Will Suddenlink pay me to switch from another provider?

Yes. Suddenlink offers a contract buyout for new customers switching from another ISP. You can get up to $500 if you terminate your contract with another provider. 

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