Toilet paper robot, the 10-second toothbrush: The wacky wellness products at CES 2020

Toilet paper on-demand and clean teeth in 10 seconds, to name a couple.

Amanda Capritto
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Charmin's bear-faced toilet roll robot.

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We knew that the showroom at CES 2020 would brim with new, exciting health and wellness products. But we didn't know we'd run into anything as intriguing as a robot that brings you toilet paper in times of trouble or a wearable that allows you to insert, quite literally, a sample of your DNA. Here are four bizarre wellness products we've seen so far, and be sure to check back throughout the week for updates.

Watch this: Y-Brush toothbrush brushes all your teeth in just 10 seconds

Charmin Rollbot


Charmin may have rolled out -- pun intended -- the most eyebrow-raising wellness gadget at CES 2020 thus far. No more texting, calling or shouting downstairs at your roommate for a new roll of toilet paper: Rollbot will deliver a fresh roll right to your toilet. As long as it's connected to your phone, of course.

Charmin SmellSense

Ever hesitated to walk into the bathroom after your significant other walked out after, say, more minutes than you can count on two hands? Well, it turns out that Charmin's Rollbot isn't the only device the company has created to help with common bathroom needs. SmellSense will let you know if it's safe to enter the loo or if you should hold off and spare your gag reflex.


Angela Lang/CNET

Conventional wisdom (and science) tells us to brush our teeth for at least two minutes. But Y-Brush promises to brush all of your teeth in just 10 seconds. We first saw this product at CES 2019, but CES 2020 unveiled that the magical dental product is now available for purchase. It looks like a sports mouthguard and covers all of your teeth at once with nylon bristles: Just add toothpaste and turn on the motor. 



If you often find yourself wondering how certain foods affect your body, you'll be glad to learn about DnaNudge, a wearable that tells you what you should and shouldn't eat based on a DNA sample it acquires from a cheek swab test. The band blinks green, orange or red based on how your body reacts to foods.

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