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13 low-sugar snacks that have less than 1 gram of sugar

Both sweet and savory options, all healthy and delicious.

Rainbow layer cake
Rainbow layer cake
Chowhound Staff
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Chowhound Staff
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Sugar is not so sweet for our health. But avoiding it doesn't mean you can't enjoy muffins or cookie dough or even ice cream. Whether you have dietary restrictions because of doctor's orders, or simply want to cut down on sugar consumption, there are plenty of healthy, low-sugar snacks that will satisfy you without making your glucose levels skyrocket.

Sure, you can grab a couple cubes of cheese or eat half an avocado with a spoon (preferably with a sprinkle of everything bagel seasoning on top), but with just a little advance planning, you can make even more satisfying snacks that won't wreck your diet -- but will taste amazing.

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Crunchy roasted chickpeas


Forgo starchy, carb-heavy potato chips (which can also have a shocking amount of sodium and even hidden sugar in their seasoning blends) for a bowl of crispy baked chickpeas coated in an irresistible mixture of cumin and other spices. Get the crunchy roasted chickpeas recipe.

Sugar-free cookie dough dip

It may be hard to believe that this decadent sugar-free cookie dough dip recipe is void of the sweet stuff, but it swaps out refined sugar for liquid stevia and sugar-free chocolate chips -- so it still tastes just like regular cookie dough.

Low-carb coconut bars

Coconut pulls triple duty in this low-carb coconut bars recipe. Unsweetened coconut shreds are held together by coconut oil and coconut butter, then coated with a dark chocolate bottom to form sugar-free candy bars. (You can make these in any molds you like, but if you want long bars like in the picture, these silicone ice cube molds meant for water bottles are the right shape.)

Grain-free savory breakfast muffins

This dozen is going to disappear fast. Not only are they perfect as an on-the-go snack (or make-ahead breakfast), the muffins are packed with good-for-you ingredients like peppers and kale. They're made with coconut flour, so they're also gluten-free. Get the grain-free savory breakfast muffins recipe.

Sugar-free peanut butter cheesecake ice cream


Ice cream with less than a gram of sugar? Yes, it's possible! This six-ingredient sugar-free peanut butter cheesecake ice cream recipe substitutes sugar with Swerve sweetener and produces the same decadent result.

Oven-baked zucchini chips

Run zucchinis through a mandoline to get ultra-thin and ultra-addictive "chips." You can season the crisps with salt and pepper or get creative with other finishing spices. Get the oven-baked zucchini chips recipe -- and see how to make other veggie chips too.

Vegan Brazilian cheese bread

Brazilian pao de queijo gets both a dairy and sugar-free makeover in this vegan Brazilian cheese bread recipe, which uses a mix of golden flaxseed meal, tapioca flour and potato starch, plus dairy-free mozzarella cheese.

Matcha chia seed energy bites

If you're looking for a powerful pick-me-up minus the sugar, try these truffle-like chia seed orbs flavored with antioxidant-rich green tea powder. Get the matcha chia seed energy bites recipe.

Chili-lime popcorn

Popcorn is a naturally sugar-free snack, but if buttered kernels are starting to feel boring, kick things up a notch with a chili-powder garnish in this chili-lime popcorn recipe. (Also try black sesame and mustardparmesan and black pepper or herbes de Provence.)

Sugar-free pecan pistachio biscotti

Studded with toasted chopped nuts, this keto biscotti is perfect for dunking into a mid-afternoon cup of coffee. Get the sugar-free pecan pistachio biscotti recipe.

Sriracha deviled eggs


Protein-rich hard boiled eggs are an easy and satisfying snack (pro tip: that everything bagel seasoning comes in handy again), but deviled eggs are even better -- and as long as you go light on the mayo, they don't have to be unhealthy. Be sure to use a sugar-free mayonnaise, or whip one up yourself to use in the filling. You can alternatively swap in Greek yogurt, sour cream or something similarly creamy. Get the sriracha deviled egg recipe.

Broiled jalapeno poppers


Broiling these spicy little bites instead of frying means they're not so bad for you -- and they're way easier to make when the craving hits. You can mix the cream cheese with whatever else you fancy, and even assemble these ahead of time. Stash them in the fridge so you just have to pop them in the oven at snack time. (A toaster oven works too.) Check out Chowhound's broiled jalapeno popper recipes.

Low-carb fudgy avocado brownies

Chocolate lovers, this one's for you. Heart-healthy avocado helps keep these fudgy brownies moist, while unsweetened chocolate bites and cocoa powder give it a chocolatey punch, minus the sugar. Get the low-carb fudgy avocado brownie recipe.

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