17 low-carb keto Instant Pot recipes you'll love

These recipes are so good you won’t even notice they’re low-carb.

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Ah, the beloved Instant Pot. It's replaced the longstanding slow cooker and is well on its way to replacing every appliance in your kitchen -- possibly because its abundance of functions makes it easy to create delicious recipes that help you stick to your diet. 

If you've ever tried the keto diet, you know that cutting out virtually all carbohydrates is not easy (no more bread?!) and replacing those calories with fat can often present a creativity block. Allow the Instant Pot to simplify your keto meal planning efforts with these 17 keto Instant Pot recipes that are so delicious you won't even notice they're low-carb.

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Keto Instant Pot breakfast recipes

On keto, gone are the days of slurping sugary milk after eating a bowl of Frosted Flakes. But not gone are the days of enjoying a hearty, soul-nourishing breakfast. 

Instant Pot keto blueberry muffins

Did someone say muffins… on keto?! Beauty and The Foodie did. With just two net carbs per muffin (net carbs means total carbs minus fiber), you can enjoy these muffins as a side to scrambled eggs or eat a couple as a meal on their own. You'll use coconut flour, unsweetened almond milk and an alternative sweetener to keep these muffins keto. 

Instant Pot Starbucks sous vide egg bites 

The tiny egg muffins in Starbucks' glass cases will cost you a pretty penny, but they do taste good. Learn to recreate them at home with your favorite kind of cheese, pork or turkey bacon and heavy cream for a decadent morning treat. 

Instant Pot keto eggs Benedict

This recipe is really two-in-one: one for the keto muffins you'll toast and use for the base of this eggs Benedict, and one for the eggs Benedict itself. The process for these keto eggs Benedict is a little much for weekday mornings, but would make for a great weekend breakfast. 

Keto Instant Pot lunch and dinner recipes

Contrary to popular belief, keto doesn't have to equal restrictive. Many people picture keto dieters as eating chicken and broccoli meal after meal, but with a little creativity, your low-carb menu can be deliciously diverse. 

Instant Pot low-carb sweet and spicy barbecue wings

Sticky, sweet and tangy, these barbecue chicken wings defy everything about the stereotypical image of keto (e.g., chicken and broccoli). You'll make your own barbecue sauce with golden monk fruit sweetener, toss the chicken wings, and pop it all in your Instant Pot for 30 minutes. 

Keto Instant Pot chicken tikka masala 

A great keto meal prep recipe, this chicken tikka masala makes six servings in just 30 minutes. Eat on its own or serve with cauliflower rice or mash (recipes below). 

Instant Pot no-noodle lasagna

You can still enjoy the robust flavors of Italy on a keto diet. This recipe comes together as a tasty mash of cheese, ground meat, tomato sauce and spices. Throw in some veggie noodles for more substance. 

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Keto Instant Pot buffalo chicken meatballs

Go carb-free on game day with keto meatballs just as appetizing as something you might order from Buffalo Wild Wings. Doused in hot sauce and topped with chopped chives, these keto buffalo chicken meatballs will be a fan favorite at any potluck. 

Instant Pot broccoli and cheese soup

Transport yourself back to Grandma's kitchen with a hearty, keto broccoli cheese soup recipe. This version uses sharp cheddar and Monterey jack cheeses along with heavy whipping cream, and the result is a soup with just five net carbs and an impressive 12 grams of protein per serving. 

Keto Instant Pot smothered pork chops 

If you're anything like me, your baked pork chops always come out overcooked or dry (just trying to avoid food-borne diseases!). It's hard to go wrong in an Instant Pot, though: With the moisture trapped, these pork chops should come out juicy and flavorful.

Keto Instant Pot side dish recipes

Instant Pot bacon Brussels sprouts

Vegetables, particularly fibrous ones like Brussels sprouts, take forever and a day to roast or cook stovetop. As usual, Instant Pot comes to the rescue and cooks these bacon Brussels sprouts to perfection in just three minutes. 

Parmesan Instant Pot cauliflower mash

Who needs potatoes? Not you, if you have some cauliflower and an Instant Pot. This cauliflower mash comes out with a consistency so close to mashed potatoes that you'll forget you're eating one of the most nutrient-dense vegetables on the planet

Instant Pot cilantro lime cauliflower rice

Back again with the cauliflower, except this time it's in rice form. Nutritious and versatile -- what's not to like? 

Keto Instant Pot dessert recipes

Part of being on a keto diet means recreating carb-heavy favorites with low-carb ingredients, and that includes dessert, because no one should live life without dessert. Here are five keto Instant Pot dessert recipes that will have you going back for seconds, sans carb coma. 

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Keto Instant Pot pumpkin pie

No need to save pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving. With your Instant Pot, you can enjoy low-carb, crustless pumpkin pie at any point in the year. An easy dump-and-go recipe, you'll simmer all the ingredients in your Instant Pot and top with whipped cream once the pie is cool. 

Keto Instant Pot molten brownie cups

These adorable, single-serve desserts are sweetened with erythritol, a type of sugar alcohol, and stevia-sweetened chocolate chips. The gooey chocolate batter bakes in 6-inch ramekins for a few minutes. Serve warm for ultimate deliciousness. 

Keto Instant Pot spice cake

There are just two net carbs in this keto spice cake, yet it comes out so sweet from warm spices like cinnamon and nutmeg that you don't even need a frosting or glaze. 

Instant Pot orange creamsicle custard

Sugar-free and zero-carb, this custard may be the ultimate keto dessert. Made with orange zest, full-fat coconut milk, stevia and collagen, these single-serve jars are perfect to have on hand for when your sweet tooth strikes. 

Instant Pot keto pecan pie cheesecake

This definitely isn't the simplest recipe out there, but it's beyond worth the effort when you need a decadent treat and can't opt for a carb-laden premade cheesecake. This recipe uses almond flour to replicate a traditional cheesecake crust and an erythritol for sugar-free sweetness. 

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