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Save 50 percent on your first two EveryPlate meal kits

You're going to pay just $2.50 per person for some delish dinners. Plus: a mighty tempting Fitbit deal.

EveryPlate offers very affordable meal kits, but lets you choose from only five recipes each week.

I'm starting to become a meal-kit fan. A few weeks back I took HelloFresh for a test drive and liked what I saw (and ate).

Of course, as the Cheapskate, I wanted to try EveryPlate, which is one of the more affordable options. Normally, meals cost $5 per serving, but for a limited time, you can save 50 percent on your first two EveryPlate meal kits. In other words: just $2.50 per serving. (Shipping still costs $9 per delivery.)It's also owned by HelloFresh, just FYI

Depending on which option you choose -- dinner for two or dinner for four -- you stand to save up to $60. Let's eat!

So here's where EveryPlate differs from HelloFresh. The latter gives you a wide range of meal choices each week, Rhe former offers up just five -- and one of them might be "premium," meaning it costs extra. (Think: steak.) Depending on your palate, you may be less likely to find meals you like.

You'll have to agree to get three meals (two or four servings each) with each delivery. You can't decrease or increase that number.

I liken this to "HelloFresh lite." You get some great recipes, nice portions of each and easy-to-follow preparation cards -- just fewer options overall. And lower prices.

What's nice is that you can skip your weekly delivery any time you want, as often as you want. And you're not stuck with any kind of contract, so you can cancel at any time.

My first meal, the Spicy Honey Butter Chicken, was om-nom-nom, deee-lish. I'm a little put off the by smallish meal selection, but having looked at the upcoming weeks' menus, it's not hard to find recipes I think we'll like.

So, yeah, subscription fatigue notwithstanding, this may become a permanent addition. If you've tried EveryPlate for longer than a week, let your fellow cheeps know what you think of it.

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Fitbit Charge 2 HR: Just $80

At last count there were roughly 8 million Fitbit models to choose from. OK, not quite that many, but a lot.


The Fitbit Charge 2 can monitor your heart rate -- but it doesn't monitor tree branches.

Sarah Tew/CNET

For a limited time, and while supplies last, Verizon is offering the Fitbit Charge 2 HR fitness band for $79.99. The black version is sold out, but as of now it's still available in plum, teal, and blue.

This slender band delivers all the usual Fitbit goodness, plus heart-rate monitoring. It's definitely a little long in the tooth, dating back to late 2016, but at least this model is new, not refurbished.

Read Scott Stein's Fitbit Charge 2 review to learn more. At the time, he called it the "best Fitbit of the bunch." Now, with this deal, it's one of the most affordable.

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