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Gifts for dads who appreciate life’s little luxuries

Moms aren’t the only ones into chocolate, flowers and a good massage.

Rainbow layer cake
Rainbow layer cake
Chowhound Staff
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Chowhound Staff
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While there are plenty of dads who would be thrilled to receive a new grill, a Swiss Army knife, or heck, even a six-pack of beer for Father's Day, many modern papas not only embrace life's little luxuries, they flat out demand them. It's precisely why we looked to cover some of the most creative, thoughtful and special gifts for that extra special guy who has a caring side and discerning taste -- in our opinion, the best possible kind of dad there is.

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Your father probably likes steak, and with grilling season in full swing around his special day, there's no better way to celebrate than with his favorite cut of meat. Omaha Steaks' special Father's Day gift package ($70) comes with two quality 9-ounce rib-eyes and two 5-ounce filet mignons, plus burgers, potatoes au gratin, seasoning packets and even a German chocolate cake for dessert so you can share a mini feast with Pops delivered directly to his door.

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This is not just one of those charger thingies that he'll forget about and stuff in a closet in a few months, no siree. Get ready to revolutionize Dad's charging and organization game with this chic $175 mat that comes in a fancy pebble-grain Italian leather and a variety of colors. The secret sauce, so to speak, is that it'll wirelessly charge his phone or his AirPods and keep keys, wallet and even his favorite pen organized.

Work hard. Play hard. Rest hard? Giving a busy dad a stress-free moment is even easier for him -- and you -- when it's booked on demand. A deep tissue or Swedish massage can be ordered right from a mobile app in 60 different US markets, meaning you don't even have to live in the same city to make it work. Price varies by city/location and duration of massage, but sessions start at $115 for 60 minutes.

For the dad who indulges in morning espresso or an afternoon latte, this I'm serious about coffee machine is a high-quality addition to his kitchen countertop. Things we like about it: For one, the price ($399.99) compared to similar models when you consider it's got a high-pressure Italian pump, and something called "dry steam" technology, meaning you get that rich and foamy cream similar to a bougie coffee shop.

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Does Dad fancy his pooch a little more than his own flesh and blood? Well, now you can celebrate their unstoppable bond by turning Fido or your kitty into a Renaissance-style work of art. Seriously, even if you don't buy this museum-worthy gift for Dad -- which comes printed on quality canvas on a hardwood frame -- you'll probably want it yourself. Pricing starts at $49.95.

Your old man might be, well, getting old. Treat him to the best night's sleep possible with a mattress that has nanobionic technology and converts body heat so he sleeps comfortably. He'll especially appreciate it if he likes to eat big meals right before bed and gets the "itis." Pricing starts at $375.15.

Yes, there is such a thing as flowers for men. Tasteful men who like to be surrounded by nature will appreciate this awesome orchid with a blue opalescent pot ($75) or a variety of house plants including a super easy-to-keep-alive air plant ($55) -- in case he doesn't really have a green thumb.

Evoking summertime South of France fun and panache that will make dad want to break out his marinère shirt, Champagne Besserat de Bellefon's Cuvée Brigitte Bardot ($225+) tastes as yummy as it looks. And really, what dad (straight or gay!?) doesn't love anything inspired by Brigitte Bardot?

Some like it hot, and those dudes who do will greatly appreciate a new fiery sauce in their life. Beyond the spot-on packaging that doesn't need to be wrapped, this gift set ($39.99) highlights three separate Korean flavors: one, the perfect marriage of spicy/savory; a luxurious kimchi mayonnaise you'll dream about putting on everything -- oh, and a CAUTION, you're-about-to-light-your-tongue-on-fire scorcher.

As simple as it sounds, there is nothing wrong with getting your daddio something sweet for Father's Day. In fact, if it's Vosges, he'll probably even share a piece or two with you and mom, so it's a total win-win. The adorably monikered "Haut-Chocolat" company just released an olive oil and dark chocolate combo collection (9 pieces for $32) because both of those ingredients have serious health benefits, which is ideal for your main man anyway. Creative flavors include Matcha Green Tea, Chia Seeds, Red Miso, Pomegranate Rose and more.

If Dad's a bit of a dandy, he won't think twice about trying out this grooming tool specifically designed for men that's engineered for his hair and beard. Created by celebrity groomer Jeff Chastain, the Masc Kuschelbar ($100) will straighten his head and face follicles no matter his hair type, texture or length. Bonus: It's also 20% off for Father's Day.

Your dad will inevitably be getting a hug on Father's Day, but what if you could extend that hug every day for the rest of the year? A "blanket that hugs you back," the Magic Weighted Blanket ($109 - $239) is the at-home R&R item he needs beside his bed or sofa since it can aid in decreasing anxiety and helping with sleep.

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This post was written by Dan Koday.

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