Father’s Day gifts for dads who love beer

Papa, can you beer me?

Rainbow layer cake
Rainbow layer cake
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Whether you and your dad bond over your love of local IPAs or you just want to honor him with his favorite fermented malt and grain beverage, every beer-loving pops deserves a cold one on his day. Maybe he's a self-proclaimed "beer snob," the kind of guy who knows the difference between a stout and a porter; he might as well have written the literature at the Guinness factory. Point blank, he's a bit hard to shop for when holidays roll around.

You've gifted him with every funny beer coozie and beer can tie that exists, so why not try something to help him lean into his wannabe brewmaster? If your dad drools at the thought of a cold lager, but you're stumped on what to get him, be it bottle, can or draught, we've got you covered below. 

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Don't know much about beer yourself, but really want to wow your pops with something special? The craft beer savants at Tavour offer this box of mixed brews full of a variety of fresh, small-batch cans and bottles, all hand curated. Even if you don't know beer, your dad definitely does, and he certainly won't be disappointed because Tavour sources its brews from independent craft breweries around the world. Lucky for you, it ships for free, right to your dad's doorstep.

Even better? A gift subscription. Beer of the Month Club boxes are truly the gift that keeps on giving. Who doesn't love coming home after a long, hard day to an exciting package? Especially if that package is full of four award-winning beers and handpicked by a panel of experts. Beer Across America's Beer of the Month Club promises to deliver four varieties from two craft breweries once a month. Your dad won't be able to thank you enough, all year long.

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If you want to put your dad's beer snobbery to the test, this board game is the best way. Played with unlabeled beers at home or at a brewery/bar/restaurant, each player does a taste test and guesses what kind of beer they're tasting. Guess the beer's state and name for maximum points. Make sure to study up a bit before you play against Daddy though, because if you don't, you know you'll never live it down.

Even for a true beer lover who has toured endless breweries, making your own beer can seem daunting. At-home beer-making kits like this one are an easy way for beginners to ease their way into making craft beer. Maybe he's always wanted to try making his own brew, but didn't know where to start! Who knows, he might found the next Dogfish Head or Brooklyn Brewery. OK, probably not, but he'll definitely get some good beer out of the deal. 

So many local breweries and restaurants offer the option to buy a growler to take home their specialty beer. If your dad isn't one to down a whole growler in a short period of time, but he loves getting his favorite pale ale from the local brew spot, a good amount of beer is probably going to waste. Enter the pressurized growler. With a tap perfect for sharing or bringing to a tailgate, the folks at GrowlerWerks in Portland offer a way for Dad to keep his beer fresh, whenever and wherever he may wish to quaff a few.

Is your dad the guy in the beer aisle at the grocery store swapping bottles to make a DIY 6-pack? If so, get him this insulated carrier and send him to a craft brew shop to make his own, without upsetting the store clerks. Plus, now he'll be able to bring his favorite bottles to a buddy's house or on your family picnic and keep them cool.

For the dad that loves to revel in his youth and relive his days pounding cold ones in the dorm shower, look no further than this shower beer gift set. The set contains sandalwood scented beer soap and an insulated tumbler that won't rust. No promises he won't start singing his alma mater's fight song post-shower.

One of the best parts of being a beer lover is testing different brewskies from local breweries and restaurants. Help your dad drink his way through his home state with this state map-shaped holder to display a bottle cap for every beer he encounters. A great way to keep track of which beers he's tried and also a perfect accessory for any man cave. Your dad will think of you with the pop of every bottle.

If you're going in on your Father's Day gift with your siblings and looking to pull out all the stops on a trip, this is the ultimate gift. What better way to experience beer than to go on a trip to one of the most revered beer regions in all of the US: Asheville, North Carolina? With a wild array of breweries including the world famous Funkatorium, a brewery dedicated solely to sours and "funky beers." Your dad won't just be in the mountains sipping some of the best beer in America, he will be in hops heaven.

This post was written by Megan Meadows.

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