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InFocus ScreenPlay 7205

The ScreenPlay 7205 is a mid-range projector that fulfills its mandate perfectly -- picture quality exceeds mid-range expectations and it's high-definition compatible. Designwise, it's very dull, but it offers excellent connectivity and features and isn't extortionately pricey

Panasonic PT-AE4000

The AE4000 doesn't improve quite as much as we'd like over last year's equivalent Panasonic model, but it's easily the most flexible projector in its class. We still couldn't get totally perfect pictures out of it despite that, but it's nonetheless a very accomplished machine that will leave tinkerers in seventh heaven

Sony VPL-VW40

We had our doubts about whether Sony could really translate its undoubtedly impressive SXRD technology down to the sub-£2,500 level. Thankfully, all of the things that make SXRD special really are present on the entry-level VPL-VW40, even if there are one or two little imperfections in other areas

Planar PD7060

You probably haven't heard of Planar before. But on the evidence of the PD7060, you'll surely be hearing more about it in the future, for it's a really startling combination of high quality pictures and aggressive pricing that could well have more established rivals scurrying for cover

Sim2 HT3000E

There's no doubt that with a price tag of £10k, for most of us the Sim2 HT3000E will be nothing more than a tantalising glimpse into the lifestyle of the rich and famous. But of course, just because most of us could never afford one doesn't mean that it's not blindingly good

Toshiba TDP-ET20

Toshiba's ET20 is a one-stop solution for watching big screen films in a small space. You need less than a metre to plug-and-play with integrated DVD player and speakers, but images are average and the sound is almost irrelevant

BenQ W7000

BenQ's latest high-end home-theatre projector boasts 1080p output and 3D support, while utilising DLP projector technology.

Hitachi PJ-TX200

If you're looking for value for money in a stylish package, Hitachi's PJ-TX200 LCD projector may suit you.

Mitsubishi HC5000

Mitsubish's HC5000 isn't the prettiest projector on the block, but the images it delivers certainly are.

Sharp XV-Z30000

Sharp's new high-end home theatre DLP projector boasts 3D playback, a 1600 ANSI lumens rating, horizontal and vertical keystone adjustment, image shift, and two HDMI inputs.

Mitsubishi HC1100

The Mitsubishi HC1100 DLP projector delivers surprisingly sharp HD projected images at a very compelling price point.

Epson EH-TW9000W

With aggressive pricing, excellent performance and WirelessHD, the Epson EH-TW9000W home theatre projector is a high-quality bargain.

Sim2 Domino 80

Its price point will put it beyond the reach of many, but the D80 projector can be summed up in one simple word. Wow.

Uniden ULP 1000 Laser Projector

Portable projectors are a solution without a problem, and the Uniden ULP 1000 is an expensive solution at that. It projects a sharp, colourful image but lacks a range of much-needed connectivity options.

InFocus IN72

Projector specialist InFocus has dropped the ScreenPlay tag from its home theatre line-up with the new -Play Big" range. The IN72 is the entry model in the series.

Panasonic PT-AR100E

We're not so sure about its white plastic body, but the rest of the PT-AR100E package is pretty compelling.

Mitsubishi HC4900

Mitsubishi pushes the entry level price point of 1080p projectors even lower with the HC4900. It's a very solid contender that's made all the more appealing by its asking price.

Sanyo Z4

The Sanyo Z4 is a good step-up from the Z3 and features impressive specs coupled with an equally impressive picture.

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