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Dell 5100MP Projector

The 5100MP is a fine business projector, but it's less well suited for home cinemaphiles.

InFocus IN74

The IN74 looks impressive from the outside and it delivers quality images from the inside.

Panasonic PT-AX200E

The AX200E isn't quite good enough at showing films to answer all the prayers of cash-strapped home cinema fans, but it certainly succeeds as a 'fun' option for the more casual big-screen user, especially if they're into console games

InFocus ScreenPlay 5700

The projection world has had an overhaul thanks to Texas Instruments' DLP chipset, and no one deserves more credit than InFocus for helping implement this. The projector doesn't have a high-definition compatible resolution, which should deter long-term investors, but the picture quality is peerless at this price

Panasonic PT-AX100E

Panasonic's PT-AX100E is the best projector we've seen at this price. It's fully featured, easy to use and capable of excellent performance in practically any lighting conditions

BenQ W100

We're not sure how much of a margin BenQ can be making on the W100, but frankly, we don't care. All that matters to us is that, although it's far from perfect, the W100 delivers better movie performance than any other projector in its price class

Sim2 C3X

Sim2's C3X is one of the classiest projectors on the block. It offers everything the high-end user could possibly want and has the added bonus of being something of a looker. If you want to top off a home cinema with the ultimate in picture quality then this projector is happy to deliver it

Vivitek H1085

If you only cough up £990 for a projector, you'll clearly have to accept a compromise or two. But the Vivitek H1085 will force fewer compromises on you than you might expect, making it a surprisingly enjoyable option for casual users on a budget


A projector that's not far off the £1,000 mark often carries a couple of critical weaknesses, be it a poor 4:3 resolution chipset or a lack of AV inputs. The NEC HT510 has been designed specifically for the home market, so it's fully 16:9 and has component and Scart connectivity. Its lack of a high definition chipset might be a problem for long-term investors, but the resolution is perfect for UK users

Epson EH-TW2900

While Epson's main focus this year seems to be on the higher end, higher-price section of the projection market, its mid-range TW2900 actually turns out to be a really quite exceptional bargain, delivering far more features and football-friendly quality than you've any right to expect for a mere £1,200

Dell 2300MP

While it may be very cheap, the fact this isn't a native widescreen display will turn most cinema fans cold, and the image lacks the brightness needed to cope with most living conditions. If you've got your heart set on a projector, be prepared to spend more

Toshiba TDP-S25

Toshiba's TDP-S25 is much more suited to business use than home cinemas, due to the shortage of quality AV connections and a poor 4:3 resolution chipset. However, as it's a DLP projector, it does well for video playback. If you can plug a PC into it for watching movies as well as presentations, this is a remarkably cheap way of fulfilling quite a few different needs

projectiondesign Action! M20

The projectiondesign Action! M20 is admittedly pretty costly by the standards of 720p DLP projectors these days. But it just about justifies that cost with a terrific design and a picture performance that's lifted a notch above most rivals by the addition of new BrilliantColor technology

InFocus ScreenPlay 777

It's actually impossible to criticise the InFocus ScreenPlay 777. The price is obviously prohibitive, but it gives an indication not only of the pinnacle of today's home cinema, but what will very feasibly be available for under £5,000 in a few years' time. The overriding message is clear though: this is a cinematic projector so good it leaves you speechless

Sony Bravia VPL-HW15

With its fast response time and ability to deliver exceptionally fine detail, Sony's latest SXRD projector, the Bravia VPL-HW15, provides a truly spectacular way to watch the World Cup -- or anything else for that matter

Toshiba MT400

Toshiba's MT400 has been specifically designed for home use. It's stylish, compact and well connected, with extraordinary performance from standard-definition sources at a price that won't break the bank

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