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Olympus mju 9010

The mju 9010 promises much but doesn't really deliver. Physically, it's fine. It's compact, portable, affordable and easy to use. But the image quality is weak and the movie mode has serious limitations. If you're shopping for the best compact superzoom, keep looking

Olympus mju Tough-3000

With all rugged cameras, you're buying toughness over picture quality. On that basis, the Olympus mju Tough-3000 offers a good blend of features, durability and affordability

Olympus mju 850SW

For anyone into outdoor activities, most cameras stop working just when things get interesting. The 850SW is tough enough for all but the most demanding skiers, bikers and snorkelers, and -- despite sluggish ease of use -- produces bright, involving photos and videos. It's very reasonably priced, too

Olympus mju 1010

This mighty mju 1010 continues the Olympus tradition of packing great technology (including a stunning, stabilised 7x zoom) into neat, usable cases. Photos aren't quite as impressive as the build, but there's nothing else to complain about in this fun, usable compact

Olympus Mju 1050SW

It's quite astonishing that such a slim and elegant camera should also turn out to be so tough. But its small size and slippery finish does limit its usefulness in those extreme environments it's so good at surviving, and its controls and its picture quality are no more than average

Olympus X-880

The Olympus X-880 is a decent camera that produces crisp, colourful pictures. But, while the 5x optical zoom is good, the control interface becomes cumbersome when you dig below the surface, and we can't understand why you have to activate the face-detection mode manually. Overall, the X-880 is good on the surface, but rather odd and clunky beneath it

Olympus E-3

Accessible controls and multi-talented live view make the Olympus E-3 friendlier than other higher-end models, with unstinting burst mode and admirable picture quality making it worth considering for professionals. It's a little heavy and the screen isn't huge, but the camcorder-style flip-out display and previewing options bring live view into its own on this first-class camera

Olympus FE-5050

The Olympus FE-5050 is a low-cost, 14-megapixel point-and-shoot with a wild side. The camera's punk-effect filter may be an inspired flourish, but image quality is variable and critical sharpness mostly lacking.

Olympus mju 1200

The Olympus mju 1200 is a slimline, capable point-and-shoot for those more interested in style than photography. A bare-bones feature set and some quirky controls mean that you're paying a premium for the gorgeous style and 12 megapixels

Olympus Mju 1020

The Olympus Mju 1020 offers a broad feature set in a slim, stylish package, but average image quality and memory card restrictions may dissuade buyers.

Olympus Tough 720SW

If you're after a camera that can survive the knocks, splashes and general messy nature of everyday life -- especially everyday family life -- then the Olympus Tough 720SW is a very sensible buy.

Olympus D-590

The D-590 delivers solid results, although the lack of an optical viewfinder may put a lot of prospective buyers off.

Olympus Pen Lite E-PL5

Olympus has churned out a very nice camera in the form of the Pen Lite E-PL5, which will satisfy many photographers looking for an upgrade from their compact camera or smartphone.

Olympus SP-565 Ultra Zoom

The SP-565UZ is certainly the pick of the bunch from Olympus' superzoom range, but it's not without significant lens problems. It's an attractive package though, and shouldn't be discounted if you're looking for a compact alternative to a dSLR.

Olympus Tough TG-820

Need a tough camera built like a tank, while withstanding the weight of one rolling over it? The TG-820 from Olympus will go almost anywhere you can imagine, and survive the journey.

Olympus E-P2

Sharing a host of similarities to the E-P1, the E-P2 just doesn't have that wow-factor anymore. But if you can forgive it for this, you will find that it's a great Micro Four Thirds camera.

Olympus Mju 820

It looks good and its features are nice, but the Olympus Mju 820's photos and performance simply aren't up to scratch.

Olympus Mju Tough 8010

The Tough 8010 is the strongest compact that money can buy, and features HD video recording. Still, its slow performance means you will miss critical shots and its image quality is only just OK.

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