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Olympus mju 790 SW

The Olympus mju 790 looks good, handles well and takes respectable quality images. A poor screen is the only real let-down, but you're paying a premium for the waterproof, shockproof, even freezeproof ruggedness

Olympus mju 1030SW

Remember when electronic kit was easy to use and built to last? Those days are back -- the diamond-tough 1030SW takes good photos, thrives on rough treatment and offers competent point-and-shoot operation. Drop it, kick it, freeze it, splash it -- this camera can take it all and keeps on shooting

Olympus mju 7040

The Olympus mju-7040 is a smart and versatile compact camera with a very good zoom range for its size. Its 2GB of internal storage and in-built software make it handy as a portable photo and movie browser too. The step up to 14 megapixels, from its predecessor's 12 megapixels, does nothing for the picture quality, though

Olympus Stylus mju 780

Mediocre point-and-shoot camera with strong mechanical image stabilisation, and little else to be excited about, apart from reasonable performance at higher ISO settings. Features are far too standard for this price, and claims of weatherproofing are underwhelming

Olympus E-420

The E-420 is beautiful but flawed. The controls, the design and the more advanced photographic features are excellent, but it relies on its above-average lens rather than its below-average sensor to keep up with its rivals. Despite the gripes, though, its sheer class as a camera shines through

Olympus mju 830

The Olympus mju 830 is a decent enough point-and-shoot with weatherproof seals and a 5x zoom lens. It just isn't very sexy

Olympus FE-4050

The user-friendly Olympus FE-4050 is a marginally pared-down version of its big brother, the FE-5050, with slightly wider dimensions and a more plasticky build.

Olympus mju-7010

A big step forward from the old mju-7000, the Olympus mju-7010 combines a 7x wideangle zoom with a slim body. It looks great, handles well and its pictures are pretty good too. An in-camera panorama feature and some neat 'magic filters' are a welcome bonus

Editors' Choice

Olympus E-450

As an entry-level digital SLR, the Olympus E-450 doesn't disappoint. Its diminutive dimensions, positive handling, excellent layout and optical viewfinder make it a practical alternative to the Micro Four Thirds-based Panasonic Lumix DMC-G1, as well as more standard rivals. It also sports some welcome improvements over its predecessor, the E-420, but they're fairly subtle, so most people probably won't want to make the upgrade

Olympus mju 5000

Cutting-edge specs and new technologies might help sell cameras, but, when it comes to using them, it's design and quality that make the difference. The Olympus mju 5000 doesn't push any boundaries, but it's a very well-made camera and a pleasure to use

Olympus mju 7000

The Olympus mju 7000 is competent, but offers nothing that makes it stand out. You'd probably be better off with either the mju 5000 or mju 9000

Editors' Choice

Olympus E-410

The Olympus E-410 combines the automatic functionality, preset options and simple interface of a high-end compact with the manual flexibility of a dSLR. Aside from some automatic exposure issues and intrusive noise reduction, image quality is good once you dive into the settings. The E-410 is great for newcomers to dSLRs, or more experienced photographers looking for a feature-rich yet ultra-portable dSLR

Olympus mju 9010

The mju 9010 promises much but doesn't really deliver. Physically, it's fine. It's compact, portable, affordable and easy to use. But the image quality is weak and the movie mode has serious limitations. If you're shopping for the best compact superzoom, keep looking

Olympus mju Tough-3000

With all rugged cameras, you're buying toughness over picture quality. On that basis, the Olympus mju Tough-3000 offers a good blend of features, durability and affordability

Olympus mju 850SW

For anyone into outdoor activities, most cameras stop working just when things get interesting. The 850SW is tough enough for all but the most demanding skiers, bikers and snorkelers, and -- despite sluggish ease of use -- produces bright, involving photos and videos. It's very reasonably priced, too

Olympus mju 1010

This mighty mju 1010 continues the Olympus tradition of packing great technology (including a stunning, stabilised 7x zoom) into neat, usable cases. Photos aren't quite as impressive as the build, but there's nothing else to complain about in this fun, usable compact

Olympus Mju 1050SW

It's quite astonishing that such a slim and elegant camera should also turn out to be so tough. But its small size and slippery finish does limit its usefulness in those extreme environments it's so good at surviving, and its controls and its picture quality are no more than average

Olympus X-880

The Olympus X-880 is a decent camera that produces crisp, colourful pictures. But, while the 5x optical zoom is good, the control interface becomes cumbersome when you dig below the surface, and we can't understand why you have to activate the face-detection mode manually. Overall, the X-880 is good on the surface, but rather odd and clunky beneath it

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