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TCL TVs are getting bigger at CES with a new 85-inch 'XL Collection'

People want bigger TVs, so TCL is making bigger TVs.

TCL's new XL Collection will feature 85-inch TVs. 

TCL is going big at CES -- literally. In addition to upping its 2021 6-Series to 8K, on Monday the China-based electronics giant announced that it will be adding a new size to its popular line of televisions: 85 inches. Called the "XL Collection," the three new sets will including an affordable 4-Series model, a more upscale QLED version and a flagship-level model with 8K resolution.

All sets will be powered by Roku's streaming platform, with the 4-Series and QLED models running at 4K resolution. The midtier QLED model will also support Dolby Vision and Atmosfull-array local dimming, variable refresh rate for gaming as well as 120Hz HDMI input. The flagship 8K model in the XL Collection will use the company's latest Mini-LED technology, a slimmer design it's calling OD Zero.

TCL did not disclose which TVs will support the latest version of HDMI, known as HDMI 2.1, or if any of the jumbo sets will support features such as eARC for connecting newer sound systems. It also would not say which features will be present on the 8K mini-LED TV. 

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The 4-Series will be the first 85-inch TV to be released, coming "later this quarter" for $1,600. TCL says the other two models will arrive in "the months to follow," but the company did not disclose more specific timing or pricing. 

The new televisions come as major manufacturers continue to up the quality and sizes. Last week Sony and Samsung unveiled their respective 2021 TVs, with each company touting new models in bigger sizes or with improved OLED or Mini-LED, while LG updated its line on Monday. 

The larger sets are just one part of TCL's busy CES. The company introduced a variety of new phones and tablets coming later this year.