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Sony reportedly halts OLED TV development to focus on 4K

Reports say that Sony is stopping commercial development of OLED TVs to concentrate on 4K LED panels, as well as dropping 20 percent of its consumer electronics workforce.

Sony's 4K XBR-X950B was revealed at CES 2014. Sony

Looking forward to owning an affordable OLED TV sometime soon? Well you may not want to hold your breath, as Sony is apparently putting the kibosh on its own models.

Japan's Nikkei is reporting that Sony is stopping all of its development around commercial OLED TVs in order to concentrate on 4K Ultra HD products with more traditional LED/LCD panels.

Sony was first to market when it came to OLED TVs. Back in 2008, it released to XEL-1 , an 11-inch OLED TV with a jaw-dropping price tag: AU$6,999 or US$2,500 for anyone buying it State-side.

Since then, most manufacturers have promised OLED technology, but high manufacturing costs and lifespan issues have kept the number of products actually in the market quite low.

It was only back at CES 2013 that Sony showed off a 4K OLED TV that CNET's Luke Westaway described as "the best TV I have seen in my life".

But since then, 4K Ultra HD resolution on a LED screen has proven to be a better bottom line for manufacturers. Sony in particular has had success with the technology, the company accounting for over 20 percent of the total value of global shipments of 4K TV. Nikkei reports that this year, 40 to 50 percent of Sony's line-up will be 4K models.

The change in manufacturers does come at a cost for Sony -- it will reduce the workforce of its consumer electronics division by 20 percent.

CNET has contacted Sony for comment and will update this report when we learn more.

Update, Wednesday at 3.52pm AEST: In response to CNET's request for comment Sony representatives said "Sony has made no announcement in this regard and has no comment".