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LAS VEGAS -- There is just one reason large screen OLED TVs aren't widely on the market yet: they're hard to make. But that doesn't make them any less lovely and one TV that has lots of people cooing is the Sony 4K OLED announced at its press conference.

In June 2012, Panasonic and Sony announced they were collaborating to produce cost-effective OLED panels, and in the last day both companies have shown what seems to be the fruits of this.

CNET UK's Luke Westaway describes the Sony 4K OLED as "the best TV I have seen in my life", and I wouldn't be surprised given its from the same DNA that spawned the gorgeous but hideously expensive Sony XEL-1.

The Sony 4K OLED TV features a 4K/UHD resolution of 3840 x 2160 and is incredibly slim. Little details are known about specifications as this is a prototype, but last year both companies were determined to have a TV to market in 2013. So perhaps we'll hear more soon.

For a hands-on look at Panasonic's OLED go here.

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