Samsung's huge MicroLED TVs start at 110 inches and go down to 76

The 110-inch 4K TV is on sale for $156,000, and Samsung teased a 76-inch size to go with the 88- and 99-inch models.

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Samsung's MicroLED televisions like The Wall are some of the biggest TVs around. The biggest was a 292-inch monster composed of individual modules that required custom installation and cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. The 2021 version is a MicroLED TV in fixed sizes of 110, 99, 88 and now 76 inches that costs a bit less, but is still ridiculously expensive. 

Launched in Korea last December, the 110-inch MicroLED costs 170 million won, or around $156,000 according to ZDNet -- the same as a Bentley Bentayga. Today at its Unbox and Discover virtual event the company added a 76-inch size to the lineup, the smallest yet, to augment two more sizes, 99 and 88 inches, that were announced at CES in January. All feature 4K resolution.

Samsung says the 110- and 99-inch TVs will be available for sale in the US in April, at which point it will announce US pricing. The 88-inch size will follow in the fall. Timing on the 76-inch size is vague, with Samsung saying it will come sometime in "the future." If you're keeping track, Samsung's 98-inch 8K TV costs $60,000, but it uses standard LCD-based QLED display technology, not MicroLED.

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MicroLED -- not to be confused with Mini-LED -- is the first new screen technology in a decade and is more akin to OLED than LCD. It delivers perfect black levels and high brightness because it uses millions of tiny LEDs to create the image directly, for picture quality that's potentially better than OLED, the best currently available, without the possibility of burn-in. It's also much better looking than any projector, particularly in bright rooms or showing HDR material.

The 4K resolution of the "smaller" sizes is a bit of an engineering feat because the main hurdle facing the mass adoption of MicroLED is getting it small enough. Since the new model is prefabricated, "installation and calibration is streamlined" compared to the earlier modular version, according to Samsung. The 76-inch size is the smallest Samsung has achieved yet, although it did show a 75-inch prototype in 2019.


The behemoth 110-inch MicroLED TV, meanwhile, is basically the size of four 55-inch TVs stuck together, and a feature called MultiView lets you connect multiple devices simultaneously and watch up to four things at once. Lucky owners can "enjoy watching news, movies and other apps simultaneously on one screen -- so they can keep up with multiple sports at once, or stream a walkthrough while playing a video game, all in stunning quality and size," according to the release. MultiView is also available on the smaller versions.

In terms of design the set is pretty much all screen. Samsung has removed the bezel around the screen entirely and touts a 99.99% screen-to-body ratio. The TV can also deliver 5.1-channel sound and incorporates object tracking to follow the sound of stuff moving across the screen.

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Update, March 2, 2021: Originally Samsung told CNET that the 76-inch MicroLED TV would debut in late 2021 or early 2022, but it amended that statement to simply say it was "on the product roadmap" for sometime in "the future."