Samsung at IFA: A 200Hz LCD and other TV treats

Samsung is always keen to be on the bleeding edge, so it was no surprise to hear it announce OLED TVs, 200Hz picture modes and even a new ultra-high definition TV

Ian Morris
2 min read

Given the relationship that Sony and Samsung have with LCDs, it’s not a massive surprise to see Samsung announce a 200Hz TV today, barely a day after Sony made a big deal about its own model. Luckily for Samsung, it isn’t the only TV innovation it’s got going on at the moment.

The company was keen to push its new RSS-capable TVs under the banner Infolive -- something we spotted at CES when it was called Infolink and got told off for photographing --with included widgets for stock prices, weather and such. You know, the same as those things you install on your PC, look at once, feel better about your life and then never look at again.

A more impressive technology is Wiselink pro, which follows on from the original system built into many Samsung TVs that enabled you to look at digital photos on your TV stored on a USB memory stick. What this new variation adds though has to be seen to be believed. Now you can actually manipulate your images, listen to music using a beautiful user interface and even watch video.

Of course, as much as Samsung and Sony need each other for LCDs, when it comes to new panel technologies the battle is fierce. After Sony announced yesterday that its OLED TV would be coming to Europe, Samsung was quick to point out that it would be releasing its OLED screen, which has a slightly larger screen size at 14.1-inches, with a 31-inch model promised at some point. Samsung is even promising larger sizes will enter production in as few as two years.

There is also a push towards higher TV resolutions too, with Samsung pushing a TV which uses something called ‘Quadruple full-high definition’ which offers a resolution of 3,840 pixels by 2,160 pixels. Yes, we know, we’ve only just got HD without them badgering us to upgrade to the next big thing. -Ian Morris