No March Madness? Watch 16 of the best games in NCAA tournament history right now

The 2020 tournament may be canceled, but our sweet 16 can help you relive some of the glory.

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Carmelo Anthony did win in New York! It was just at Syracuse long before he got to the Knicks.

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As with other sports and large events during the coronavirus pandemic, March Madness has been canceled. For college basketball fans nothing can replace the excitement of 67 NCAA tournament games played live over the next three weeks, but the next best thing might be revisiting -- or, if you're young enough, watching with fresh eyes for the first time -- some of the greatest games and moments in March Madness history. If nothing else it can help offset the crippling anxiety while you refresh your Twitter feed. 

There's no shortage of March Madness highlights on YouTube, from the best plays from last year's tournament or from 2018 or from 2017 to the best buzzer-beaters of the last decade or the biggest upsets in tournament history. Or you could skip to the end and watch the tournament's One Shining Moment recap video from last year and others.

While I could easily spend an entire afternoon going down a rabbit hole of March Madness highlights, we're going to need full games to get us through the rest of the month. Therefore, in reverse chronological order, here are the full-game videos that will let you walk backward in time through 16 of the best games in March Madness history -- all the way back to none other than Michael Jordan in his freshman year, 1982.

North Carolina vs. Kentucky, 2017 Elite Eight

Villanova vs. North Carolina, 2016 National Championship

Duke vs. Butler, 2010 National Championship

Kansas vs. Memphis, 2008 National Championship

Syracuse vs. Kansas, 2003 National Championship

Connecticut vs. Duke, 1999 National Championship

Arizona vs. Kentucky, 1997 National Championship

North Carolina vs. Michigan, 1993 National Championship

Duke vs. Kentucky, 1992 Elite Eight

Duke vs. UNLV, 1991 Final Four

Michigan vs. Seton Hall, 1989 National Championship

Kansas vs. Oklahoma, 1988 National Championship

Indiana vs. Syracuse, 1987 National Championship

Villanova vs. Georgetown, 1985 National Championship

NC State vs. Houston, 1983 National Championship 

North Carolina vs. Georgetown, 1982 National Championship