LG's New 2024 OLED TVs Arrive Next Month Starting at $1,500

They're the successors to our favorite high-end TVs of 2023, promising slightly brighter images this year.

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Bella Czajkowski
An LG G4 OLED TV mounted on the wall.

The 2024 LG G4 is the successor to the TV with the best image quality CNET has ever tested.


LG announced pricing on its newest lineup of OLED TVs Wednesday, with the G4 and C4 models becoming available in March. The least expensive model is the 42-inch C4 series for $1,500.

Based on our reviews of their predecessors, the G3 and C3, we expect the new models to be among the best high-end TVs available this year. LG says the G4 will be the brightest OLED TV on the market in 2024 — slightly brighter than the G3 — and also touts improved color. The company also says the C4 will be slightly brighter than the C3.

LG 2024 G4 and C4 OLED TV prices

OLED97G4WUA G497-inch$25,000March
OLED83G4WUA G483-inch$6,500March
OLED77G4WUA* G477-inch$4,600March
OLED65G4WUA G465-inch$3,400March
OLED55G4WUA G455-inch$2,600March
OLED83C4PUA C483-inch$5,400March
OLED77C4PUA C477-inch$3,700March
OLED65C4PUA C465-inch$2,700March
OLED55C4PUA C455-inch$2,000March
OLED48C4PUA C448-inch$1,600March
OLED42C4PUA C442-inch$1,500March

Initial pricing for the 2024 models on LG's website, shown above, is generally a few hundred dollars higher than the current 2023 versions. TV pricing is cyclical, so as the year goes on, those prices will drop and likely reach their low points in the fall of 2024. LG is also bringing back the 97-inch option with the G4, which hasn't been available since the G2. It comes with a hefty price tag of $25,000, putting it solidly out of reach for most buyers.

We previewed the C4 and G4 at CES 2024, but we'll be excited to get our hands on them to test in the CNET lab, where we'll compare them to other high-end OLED TVs like those from Samsung. In the meantime, we continue to recommend the C3 as the best high-end TV overall.

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