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Bang & Olufsen's speakers will work with Airplay 2 and HomePod this fall

B&O's speakers will be able to play music synced with your HomePod.

Bang & Olufsen

Bang & Olufsen is ready to take full advantage of the new features of Apple's Airplay 2

The high end speaker maker announced it would work with Apple's audio streaming system in January. After Apple officially launched Airplay 2 on Tuesday, Bang & Olufsen made the integration official Wednesday and announced it would roll out to 10 of the company's speakers starting this August and September.

Airplay has always allowed you to stream audio and video from your iPhone to devices such as your Apple TV and the Apple HomePod smart speaker. Airplay 2 adds the option to group multiple devices together for synced or stereo playback. If you have two HomePods, you'll be able to play a song on both simultaneously and even set the two up to play the song in stereo. Apple's teased the launch of Airplay 2 for awhile, and it finally rolled out Tuesday as part of the launch of the company's newest mobile software iOS 11.4.

Once Bang & Olufsen's speakers work with Airplay 2 this fall, you'll be able to group them with your HomePod and play synced music on both simultaneously. You'll also be able to easily stream music from any Apple device to your B&O speakers. Hopefully, you'll be able to use B&O speakers as part of a stereo pair as well, though the company's press release didn't specify that.

You also don't have to worry about missing out if you already own a B&O speaker. Airplay 2 integration will roll out as an over-the-air upgrade. Here's the full list of B&O speakers that will work with Airplay 2:

  • Beoplay M3
  • Beoplay M5
  • Beoplay A6
  • Beoplay A9 mk2
  • BeoSound 1


  • BeoSound 2
  • BeoSound 35
  • BeoSound Essence mk2
  • BeoSound Core
  • BeoSound Shape (via BeoSound Core)
  • BeoVision Eclipse (audio only)

We might see a few more speaker companies jump on board with Apple's new software soon, as Apple WWDC kicks off next week.

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