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Amazon now offers pickup option of Fire TV Edition TVs at your local Best Buy

Just in time for the Super Bowl, Amazon is expanding same-day pickup of new Fire TV Edition televisions at Best Buy.

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Eli Blumenthal
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Some Fire TV Edition TVs, including this 50-inch 4K Toshiba, can be bought on Amazon and picked up at Best Buy. 


Two-day Prime shipping not fast enough to get a new TV in time for the big game? Amazon has once again teamed up with Best Buy to let you order a TV from the e-commerce giant and pick it up the same day at your local Best Buy. 

The option, which first started in a "soft launch" late last year and now has expanded throughout the US, is currently limited to just a small handful of Insignia and Toshiba Fire TV televisions ranging from 24 to 50 inches. Prices start at $140 for a 32-inch Insignia and go up to $350 for a 50-inch 4K Toshiba. 

Amazon says that 55-inch TVs should be available for in-store pickup next week, with 65-inch and larger models coming "once inventory is available." Exact TVs and sizes will vary based on the inventory at your local store. 

Once in checkout, you'll need to enter or select your shipping address, which will present an option under "Review Items and Shipping" to either have the TV shipped directly to you or to pick it up at a local Best Buy. There are cutoff times for same-day pickup, which Amazon says will vary by Best Buy location, but sometimes it'll be within an hour of placing the order. 

Amazon is not letting shoppers select which Best Buy to go to, and when we tried the new option it offered differing Best Buy locations in New York City depending on the shipping address entered, even if multiple stores had the same TV. An Amazon spokeswoman says that a widget is coming to the site that will allow you to adjust your location and pick a Best Buy store based on your preferences. 

After your order is placed, Amazon will send you a "ready for pickup" email to alert you that your TV is available. From there, bring a government-issued photo ID and your Amazon order number to your Best Buy store, which will have your television at its Store Pickup desk. A face covering is also required. 

The company will give you five days to pick up your order after placing it, though you won't be able to switch from pickup to delivery after you make the purchase. If you don't pick up the TV within five days the order will be automatically canceled and you'll get a refund. 

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Best Buy already offers the ability to order a number of items online for same-day pickup in stores, including Fire TV Edition TVs. Ordering from Amazon, however, does allow those with a Prime Rewards Visa credit card to earn 5% cash-back rewards on the purchase. 

Other American Express, Visa, Discover or Mastercard credit cards may also be able to more easily use points to lower the cost of the TV or take advantage of financing options on Amazon that they may not have had when shopping directly at Best Buy. 

The expansion to offering same-day pickup for TVs is the latest in Amazon and Best Buy's growing Fire TV relationship. First started in 2018, the two companies reached a "multiyear" deal that saw them team up with Toshiba and Best Buy's own Insignia brand on new Fire TV Edition televisions that would be sold inside Best Buy stores, on BestBuy.com and from Best Buy as a seller on Amazon's website.