25 face mask styles we love that you can buy or make

From colorful homemade styles and fashionable store-bought masks, these are the face coverings we're wearing when we leave the house.


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1 of 25 Dan Ackerman/CNET

Now that businesses have reopened throughout the US, you may see that most will require you to wear a mask or face covering before entering. Whether you're buying a mask or making a homemade face covering, you'll need to get one soon if you're planning on going anywhere. Here are the masks our CNET editors are wearing when we leave the house. (These were lovingly made by CNET Senior Managing Editor Dan Ackerman's mom.)

And if you're looking for more unique masks, you can find some here.

2 of 25 Sally Nieman/CNET

This cool, clean diamond design comes from Etsy.

3 of 25 Laura Martinez/CNET

CNET Senior Editor Laura Martinez received these Lotería face masks as a gift, but fortunately you can purchase similar ones on Etsy.

4 of 25 Anne Dujmovic/CNET

These floral face masks are perfect for the summer and are available at Flipside Hats.

5 of 25 Roger Cheng/CNET

CNET Executive Editor of News Roger Cheng received these homemade Aloha-style face masks from family members in Hawaii.

6 of 25 Carrie Mihalcik/CNET

These adorable, picture-perfect kids are sporting Vistaprint face masks for kids. The masks are contoured with an adjustable nose piece for a more secure fit.

7 of 25 James Martin/CNET

CNET Senior Photographer James Martin made this face mask from denim. He crafted a two-panel design with a wire nose and an interior pocket for an optional filter and one shoelace looped and used as a strap.

8 of 25 Kent German/CNET

Thank you for being a friend. We found these precious Golden Girls face masks at Huntees.

9 of 25 Rebecca Fleenor/CNET

If you can't go to the flamingoes, bring them to you. We found these tropical masks at this Etsy store.

10 of 25 Danielle Ramirez/CNET

These medium, large and mini sizes all came from this Etsy vendor.

11 of 25 Anne Dujmovic/CNET

If you're a Star Wars fan, you'll love this face mask we found at an Etsy store. We certainly do.

12 of 25 Jim Hoffman/CNET

Aloha! Missing the beaches in Hawaii? Grab one of these face masks we found at Hilo Hattie.

13 of 25 Steven Musil/CNET

More fun floral fabrics we found at Etsy.

14 of 25 Dan Ackerman/CNET

Another great face mask from Dan Ackerman's mom.

15 of 25 Sarah Tew/CNET

CNET Senior Photographer Sarah Tew's mother made this face mask from old sheets she cut up. A wire is sewn into the mask for a contoured nose piece. She used a sewing machine.

16 of 25 Chase Evans/CNET

CNET Video Producer Chase Evans also shopped at the mom store. His mom contoured these fun masks to fit the face better. They have a pouch inside to add a filter and have elastic ear loops.

17 of 25 Connie Giuglielmo/CNET

CNET Editor in Chief Connie Guglielmo got creative with her face mask. It's made from cotton with adjustable side straps that you can tighten or loosen with a bead. She used a wide twist-tie from a coffee bag inserted in the fabric for a better fit around the nose.

18 of 25 Jim Hoffman/CNET

CNET Copy Editor Jim Hoffman has a family friend who's also a quilter. She made these face masks from her left-over material.

19 of 25 Ty Pendlebury/CNET

Another Star Wars fan, CNET Senior Associate Editor Ty Pendlebury, got this Star Wars-themed Day of the Dead fabric from the JoAnn fabric store. His wife kindly found a pattern and made it for him.

20 of 25 Dan Ackerman/CNET

Dan Ackerman's mom also made this one. She's a rock star!

21 of 25 Jide Akinrinade/CNET

If you really need to go to the store and don't have a mask yet, you can always wear a cloth covering like this bandanna, which CNET Video Producer Jide Akinrinade is sporting.

22 of 25 Leslie Katz/CNET

CNET Culture Editor Leslie Katz needed a little pizzazz in her mask, so she found a neighbor to make hers reversible, from two different fabrics.

23 of 25 Bryan VanGelder/CNET

CNET Video Producer Bryan VanGelder's had these made for him by his girlfriend and by his aunt. P.S. I spy a Pikachu!

24 of 25 Anna Munoz/CNET

Has your best friend made you a face mask yet? CNET Executive Assistant Anna Munoz's pal made masks for each of her family members: big, little and littlest.

25 of 25 Shelby Brown/CNET

CNET Staff Writer Shelby Brown made her own face masks (with the help of her lovable cat).

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