Pokemon Go Events for June 2022: Deino Community Day, TCG Crossover and More

Here's what's happening in Pokemon Go this month.

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Pokemon Go has a variety of events lined up for its new Season of Go.


We're nearing the end of June, but there's still a lot happening in Pokemon Go  this month. The mobile game is kicking off its new "Season of Go" with a variety of events over the next few weeks, including new Spotlight Hours, a Deino Community Day and a Pokemon TCG crossover celebration. 

Here are all the biggest Pokemon Go events still to come in June 2022.

June Community Day


Pokemon Go's June Community Day will take place Saturday, June 25. This month's featured Pokemon is the dark/dragon type Deino, and if you can evolve it into Hydregion before 7 p.m. local time, it'll learn the special Charged Attack Brutal Swing. On top of that, there will be various other in-game bonuses, including increased candy for catching Pokemon and special four-star raids featuring Deino's first evolved form, Zweilous.

June Research Breakthrough: Klink

Along with a new batch of Field Research tasks and rewards, Pokemon Go will offer a new Research Breakthrough encounter in June. Each time you achieve a Research Breakthrough this month, you'll earn a chance to catch the steel-type Pokemon Klink.

Research Breakthroughs are tied to the stamps you receive for completing Field Research tasks. One stamp is awarded for the first Field Research task you complete each day, and you'll achieve a Research Breakthrough once you've collected seven stamps.

June Raid schedule


Mewtwo returns to raids during the second half of June.


A handful of legendary Pokemon are returning to five-star raids in June. Pokemon Sapphire mascot Kyogre will appear in raids from June 1-7, after which point it will be replaced by its Pokemon Ruby counterpart, Groudon, until June 16. 

Once Groudon leaves the rotation, Mewtwo will be the game's featured five-star raid boss for the second half of the month. The psychic Pokemon will have a different Charged Attack each week. Every Mewtwo you encounter from June 16 to 23 will know Shadow Ball, while those you challenge from June 23 to July 1 will know Psystrike.

You can see June's full raid schedule below:

Five-star raids

June 1-7

June 7-16

June 16-23

June 23-July 1

Mega Raids

June 1-7

  • Mega Steelix

June 7-16

  • Mega Aerodactyl

June 16-23

  • Mega Venusaur

June 23-July 1

  • Mega Blastoise

June Spotlight Hours

Pokemon Go's Spotlight Hour event takes place every Tuesday evening from 6-7 p.m. local time. During that hour, the game will feature a specific Pokemon and bonus, such as increased candy for catching or transferring monsters. You can see June's Spotlight Hour schedule below:


Spotlight Pokemon

Spotlight bonus

June 7


2x catch candy

June 14


2x transfer candy

June 21


2x evolution XP

June 28

Pokemon TCG hat Pikachu

2x catch Stardust

Pokemon TCG Crossover


Pokemon Go is celebrating the launch of the Pokemon TCG's first Pokemon Go expansion with a special crossover event from June 16-30. As part of the event, players will have their first chance to get Wimpod and its evolved form, Golisopod, in the mobile game. On top of that, a new hat-wearing Pikachu will also be available, and shiny Meltan will be appearing when you activate the Mystery Box.