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Tesla Arcade adds Fallout Shelter, other infotainment enhancements

With more games and improved video-player controls, sheltering in place is about to get a little more pleasant for Tesla owners.

Tesla Arcade is receiving a boost, thanks to the automaker's latest software update, 2020.20. Elon Musk and Co.'s suite of in-car gaming apps, which leverage both the vehicle's center infotainment screen and steering wheel controls, has gained yet another title: Fallout Shelter. Given these COVID-19-mandated shelter-in-place months, the idea of having Bethesda's end-of-days, survival-vault-themed video game seems rather fitting, no?

Fallout Shelter will be one of the more contemporary games you can play when parked in your Tesla Model S, 3, X or Y. The bulk of the games released to the Tesla Arcade library so for have been classics like Asteroids, Centipede and Missile Command, though recent offerings have included more modern titles like Beach Buggy Racing 2, Cuphead and Stardew Valley. Fallout Shelter has been hotly awaited, having been announced by Musk nearly a year ago.

In other version 2020.20 improvements designed to add entertainment value when parked, additional software updates include revised Tesla Theater controls, enabling the use of steering-wheel buttons when playing, pausing and skipping around between videos on your car's Netflix or YouTube apps. (Previously, the system required using the touchscreen to enter commands.)

Rounding out the infotainment changes for the 2020.20 update are improvements to TRAX, the music-making software released last year. The program gets a piano roll view feature that aims to help make it easier to compose music inside your EV.

As is often the case with Tesla's over-the-air updates, this latest release of features and changes appears to be rolling out slowly to select users before being made available to all Tesla owners en masse. As noted by brand fan site Teslarati, YouTube channel host JuliansRandomProject looks to be among the first owners to receive the update, and he has released a short video (embedded above) showing the new Fallout Shelter functionality. 

 If you're like the Roadshow crew, just because you've been staying off the road during the pandemic whenever possible doesn't mean you haven't been tinkering with your car in your garage or driveway. These 2020.20 enhancements may not get anyone out on the road any sooner, but they might just help Tesla owners burn off a little cabin fever -- even while sitting in Park.