Tesla rolls out Beach Buggy Racing 2 game to its cars

The game will be playable with the car's controls while the vehicle is charging.

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Tesla's new Beach Buggy game is playable in-car with the vehicle's controls.


Tesla seems to be spending a lot of time lately putting video games into its cars. The most recent of these is called Beach Buggy Racing 2, and it was developed by a company called Vector Unit. It's being added as part of the launch of Tesla's Arcade and Toybox

What's cool about Beach Buggy Racing 2 is that if you're charging your Tesla, you can play the game using the built-in controls for your car. The steering wheel steers in-game, and the brake and accelerator pedals do their jobs as well. That isn't to say that there's not a potential downside to this.

In the teaser video that Tesla posted to its Twitter account on Tuesday, you can see the cars front wheels moving while parked as the driver plays the game. In case this isn't obvious, that's a really good way to unevenly wear your front tires out and put extra stress on your steering components.

We reached out to Tesla for comment on its plans to address any added wear, to which Tesla representatives replied: "The game has been tuned to give you full control of your dune buggy with minimal steering wheel movement. You can also use touchscreen controls which does not move the wheels, and USB controller support is coming soon."

As for the game itself, it looks like a super fun (if slightly derivative of Mario Kart) racing game with decent graphics that probably look awesome on a huge landscape-oriented screen. The game has several difficulty modes ranging from Chill to Ludicrous (we see what you did there, Tesla) and features 22 levels.

The game update is rolling out to Tesla customers starting on Tuesday.

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