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Tesla V10 software update detailed with Netflix, YouTube capability

New video shows what owners can expect when V10 rolls out to everyone.

If there's one thing Tesla does superbly well, it's add fun features for owners to take advantage of. Because it's the little things that can create the most buzz.

Today, it's all about the highly anticipated V10 software update coming to Tesla vehicles in the near future. Right now, the software is in the process of rolling out to those enrolled in an early access program. In a new video, one YouTuber showed off what we can expect from the update -- and if you haven't heard, both Netflix and YouTube are coming to Teslas.

The streaming apps will be part of "Tesla Theater," which will be accessible when the car is in Park and connected to Wi-Fi. In the video, we see both work much like the apps on any standard-issue tablet. The theater portal also includes "Tesla Tutorials" that can give new and old owners more details about the car's various features.

Also available in Park is Caraoke, which is exactly what it sounds like. Everyone's favorite dive-bar pastime will be part of Tesla V10 software and it will let you and all passengers sing (poorly) to music. I'm not sure everyone will want to pile into the car randomly for a karaoke session, but again, this is one of the facets Tesla does so well. The hype is real and features like Caraoke create a distinct buzz for the company's electric cars.

V10 isn't relegated to app changes, though. The update will include new features such as a "Feeling Hungry" or "Feeling Lucky" function to navigate to a nearby restaurant. There will be map updates, changes to the app launcher and an enhanced Summon mode has been rumored for the vehicles. Cuphead has been remade for Tesla and will be part of the arcade portal.

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