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2020 Corvette first drive, inside Tesla's crash lab and more: Roadshow's week in review

Here's a look at our most important stories of the week ending Oct. 19.

We finally got to drive the mid-engine Corvette.
Nick Miotke/Roadshow

Well, Roadshow readers, another week has come and gone. And my, my -- this one was certainly a doozy. For starters, the internet blew up when the embargo lifted on 2020 Chevrolet Corvette first drives, and we've got a full take plus video for you to peruse. But even that was just one part of this absolutely monstrous week.

Here's a recap of our most important stories from Oct. 13 to 19.

Top reviews

2020 Chevy Corvette

We've finally had a chance to test the long-awaited mid-engine Corvette, and happily, it does not disappoint. Is it perfect? No. But is it a huge step forward for the Corvette as we know it? Yes. This car puts down some impressive numbers, and is a total hoot from behind the wheel.

Click here to read our 2020 Chevy Corvette first drive.

2020 Chevy Bolt

On the other side of Chevy's lineup, it's trusty electric hatchback, the Bolt, gets a welcome update for 2020. The biggest improvement is a longer electric driving range, which makes it more competitive than ever.

Click here to read our 2020 Chevy Bolt first drive.

2020 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350R

Ford's Shelby GT350 Mustang is a formidable sports car, and one we love both on road and on track. Adding an R to its name only ups the performance quotient, making this Mustang one of Ford's most track-focused machines yet.

Click here to read our 2020 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350R first drive.

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Top videos

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2020 Corvette first drive

Let Executive Editor Chris Paukert walk you through the finer details of Chevy's new mid-engine Corvette, while he takes it for a spin on the tree-lined backroads outside of Detroit.

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Hands-off with Nissan's ProPilot 2.0 tech

Nissan's new ProPilot 2.0 tech allows for longer periods of hands-off driving. But since it's not available in the US just yet, we had to go to Japan to give this impressive new technology a whirl.

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2020 Bentley Flying Spur first drive

The 2020 Flying Spur is essentially the four-door version of Bentley's new Continental GT. That means it's far better than the model it replaces, while feeling exquisitely familiar at the same time. Be sure to read our first drive review of this ultra-luxury sedan, too.