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41 irresistible things on Amazon under $20

We dare you to resist this awesome list.

Fox Van Allen
Fox Van Allen is a Los Angeles-based writer for CBS Interactive covering technology, tech lifestyle and gaming topics for GameSpot, CNET, ZDNet and TechRepublic. He has previously worked as a news and feature writer for a number of other sites, including Techlicious, Tecca, WoW Insider (Joystiq) and Blizzard Watch. In his spare time, Fox is an amateur skydiver, retro gaming and arcade enthusiast, 8-bit pixel artist, podcaster and Twitch live streamer.
Fox Van Allen
1 of 41 Fred & Friends via Amazon

A cooler to transport turkey sandwiches (and the occasional kidney)

Amazon sells plenty of necessities, but the real fun for fans of the shopping giant is all the weird, inexpensive stuff. Here are 40 irresistible items we found on Amazon, all available for less than $20.

To start: This EMT tote -- that stands for Emergency Meal Transport, by the way -- is absolutely hilarious. But be careful: According to Amazon reviewers, some people may think this cooler is the real deal.

2 of 41 RipGrip via Amazon

A collection of 7 pins honoring your favorite memes

Ain't nobody got time for boring backpacks and bags! That's why we love this set of seven meme-inspired pins, including Bad Luck Brian, Crying Kim Kardashian, Drake and more.

3 of 41 Fisher-Price

This Instagram-perfect coffee teether for baby

No, this isn't baby's first oat milk latte -- it's a clever rattling teether from Fisher-Price.

4 of 41 OTOTO via Amazon

This most holy colander 🍝

Perfect for Pastafarians (or just those who love a tasty plate of spaghetti), this Flying Spaghetti Monster colander adds a weird dose of fun to draining noodles.

5 of 41 Paladone via Amazon

A famous frame for your peephole

Now you can frame the peephole on your door exactly the same way Monica and Rachel did in Friends. (Purple door paint is not included.)

6 of 41 BigMouth via Amazon

A bottle opener that's just a corgi butt 🐾

This bottle opener proves that there's nothing corgi butts can't do.

7 of 41 Candle by the Hour via Amazon

An impossibly long candle

This beeswax candle is an interesting way to keep time: It burns roughly 3 inches of wax per hour, extinguishing when the flame reaches the metal clip.

8 of 41 Lily's Home via Amazon

Chemistry-inspired shot glasses 🥃

These tiny beaker shot glasses may not be accurate enough for scientific use, but they're perfect for your next party.

9 of 41 RP Minis via Amazon

A wacky waving tube guy of your very own

You've seen him on Family Guy. You've seen him on It's Always Sunny. You've seen him at your local used-car dealership. Now, you can see this happy little dude on your desk -- or wherever you want.

10 of 41 Scribble Press via Amazon

A coloring book for the Goldblum obsessed

Is there nothing more, uh, uh, uh, uh, relaxing, uhhhhhhhhh, than coloring in Jeff Goldblum's beautiful, vector art face?

11 of 41 BigMouth via Amazon

A mug for drinking that trash coffee at the office

This is the perfect gift for a kid who's obsessed with garbage and recycling trucks. Trust us on this.

12 of 41 Barnett's Cookie Gift Baskets via Amazon

A pack of six delicious chocolate-dipped Oreos

These gourmet Oreos from Barnett's are so tasty, you'll probably eat this six-piece gift box in one sitting.

13 of 41 Infloatables via Amazon

This super rad octopus mug 🐙

As if this purple creature isn't awesome enough, he comes with his own themed ceramic coaster. "Let's get kraken," indeed.

14 of 41 Raw via Amazon

This hemp joint chew toy for your doggo

This 12-inch-long squeaky joint won't get your dog stoned, but there's at least some benefit to the hemp: The natural fibers resist bacteria.

15 of 41 RP Minis via Amazon

This desk-sized tribute to cow abductions 🐄

What's not to love about this light-up UFO desk toy? It uses magnets to "beam up" and abduct the included cow, playing eerie music and mooing sound effects as it does.

16 of 41 AnvFlik via Amazon

Just 50 stickers from The Office

Because a sticker of Dwight Schrute wearing a CPR dummy's face will really liven up the back of your laptop.

17 of 41 BigMouth Inc via Amazon

This massive chocolate donut for your pool 🍩

This giant donut float will look just as good on your Instagram as it does in your pool. And it comes in a pink "strawberry" flavor, too!

18 of 41 New Metro Design via Amazon

This presidential avatar that cleans the hell out of your microwave

Whether you love the president or hate him, everyone can agree that this version of Donald Trump gets microwaves really, really clean when you pour vinegar in his head.

19 of 41 Paladone via Amazon

This risque heat-change mug for dog lovers

When this mug is sitting on your shelf, the dog is wearing a tuxedo. When you add hot liquid, the tux disappears to reveal the naked Frenchie underneath. Scandalous!

20 of 41 Outward Hound via Amazon

This puzzle made for puppers 🐶

Your dog will need to solve a two-step, intermediate-difficulty puzzle to eat the treats you put in this challenging toy. Some dogs take a long time to learn they need to slide the blocks and swivel the flippers. Others figure it out in a minute or two.

How long will it take your best boy to solve it?

21 of 41 Paladone via Amazon

A collection of 8-bit Super Mario Bros. coasters

Though these inexpensive coasters aren't exactly built to last -- they're cardboard, after all -- they do add a lot of flair to your game nights.

22 of 41 Kona via Amazon

The ultimate grill-scrubbing brush

If you're still cleaning your grill with a years-old brush, stop right now -- it can shed dangerous metal bristles that can get into your food. Instead, replace it right away with this superior Kona 360 brush that CNET readers and Amazon reviewers (4.7 stars) absolutely love.

23 of 41 Newbee via Amazon

A headphone stand that doubles as a wireless charger

Headphone stands are great for reducing desktop clutter. We especially love this one from Newbee that has a Qi-compatible phone charger built right in.

24 of 41 LumaPin via Amazon

An enamel pin of Nic Cage's slightly disturbing head

Nic Cage has blessed us with so many magical moments on film. This enamel pin celebrates his bizarre, unhinged performance in the 1989 movie Vampire's Kiss.

25 of 41 Play-Doh via Amazon

Just 10 cans of Play-Doh

This set includes 10, 2-ounce cans of Play-Doh modeling compound in a variety of colors.

26 of 41 Alien via Amazon

The perfect salt and pepper set for your Alien-themed kitchen

Because ovomorphs and meal time go hand in hand. Eventually.

27 of 41 Paladone via Amazon

This Gremlins mug that you can safely get wet

It's also safe to expose the mug to sunlight and use it after midnight.

28 of 41 Outward Hound via Amazon

This dog toy that comes stuffed with more dog toys

Part toy and part puzzle, this plush tree stump comes stuffed with six tiny squeaking squirrels for your pupper to pull out and play with.

29 of 41 Lee & Han's via Amazon

This classy necktie that'll turn you into the next Barney Stinson

You don't need to lose a bet to wear such a legend -- wait for it -- dary tie. You just need $14 and an Amazon account.

30 of 41 Mydethun via Amazon

The perfect way to say whatever you want

This 10-by-10-inch letterboard comes with 340 plastic letters, including punctuation, special characters and emoji. It comes with a stand and a wall-mount hanger so you can put it anywhere.

31 of 41 Lifestraw via Amazon

This life-saving straw that lets you drink, safely

This genius straw is said to filter up to 1,000 liters of contaminated water, removing 99.9999% of waterborne bacteria and 99.9% of protozoan parasites. Don't go hiking without one!

32 of 41 Mydethun via Amazon

This beautiful moon lamp

You really can have the moon in the palm of your hand, so long as we're talking about this 3.9-inch-diameter, color-changing moon lamp.

33 of 41 Zulay Kitchen via Amazon

This blanket that turns you into a giant burrito 🌯

Is this soft flannel burrito blanket cozy? Heck yeah it is. Just don't eat it in your sleep, OK?

34 of 41 Easy Chef via Amazon

Your own mini candy bar factory 🍫

Ever wanted to make your own candy bar? Just melt down a Hershey bar (or some candy melts), add your favorite toppings, and enjoy.

35 of 41 Amco via Amazon

This steel bar that rubs away all sorts of stink

Working with garlic in the kitchen? Chopping onions? Filleting fish? This handy (and inexpensive!) steel bar will pull all those nasty odors right from your hands when you're done.

36 of 41 Petbia via Amazon

This interactive toy that cats love

Cats obsess over this simple electronic toy that teases them with a pop-out (and replaceable) turkey feather.

37 of 41 Amazon

These great silicone mats for baking cookies 🍪

If you do a lot of baking, you should upgrade from disposable parchment paper to a reusable, non-stick, silicone baking mat. This two-pack from AmazonBasics stands out as a great value, but be careful: Temperatures over 450-ish will cause these mats to scorch, some reviewers say.

38 of 41 Paladone via Amazon

This questionable Super Mario Bros. keychain

This 1.5-inch, officially licensed keychain makes the coin sound effect from the original game.

39 of 41 Melissa & Doug via Amazon

These rainbow-colored scratch-off notes

Use the included wooden stylus to scratch away the matte coating on these notes, revealing a colorful rainbow design underneath.

40 of 41 Wemo via Amazon

This super affordable smart plug

Want to control your lights when you're not home? The Wemo Mini adds a dash of home automation wherever you want it. And best of all, you can now pick one up for less than $20.

41 of 41 Bézier Games via Amazon

This game that combines Werewolf with 20 Questions

This addictive party game is a twist on 20 Questions: Everyone at the table is trying to guess a word, picked from the accompanying app. But some players know more about the word than the rest, while others are actively working to sabotage the team.

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