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Epson's bright, portable projector throws in Android TV

Epson has announced that its first portable laser projector, the EF-100, will come bundled with Android TV and voice search this month for $999.

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Epson has announced the EF-100W and EF-100B Smart Streaming Laser Projectors with Android TV. The portable projectors offer an image up to 150 inches in size using a proprietary Epson Cinema Lens. 

The projectors offer Android TV onboard for content streaming and come with a dedicated remote that has built-in Google Assistant voice search.

The 3LCD projector uses Epson MicroLaser Array Technology, which offers up to 2,000 lumens of brightness (color and white). The EF-100 also provides vertical auto picture correction to analyze images and correct the vertical geometry of the picture. As for the resolution, the European version was listed as "HD Ready."

The Epson EF-100 is available in white and silver or black and copper and can be laid flat or on its side. It comes with a built-in bass-reflex speaker plus a 3.5mm stereo output.

The Epson will be available in the US this month for $999.