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Ring's new gate control device lets rich people bestow access with an app

The Amazon smart home company just announced six new products, including a gate opener, LED bulbs and solar-powered lights.

Megan Wollerton Former Senior Writer/Editor
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The Ring Access Controller Pro gate opener works with Ring doorbells and security cameras. 

James Martin/CNET

Ring is best known for its large lineup of app-enabled Wi-Fi doorbells and security cameras. Today at CES 2020, the smart home brand announced six new devices that fall under completely different product categories. The new devices include a smart gate opener called the Access Controller Pro, two LED bulbs and three solar-powered lights (to round out Ring's existing roster of smart outdoor lighting products). 

The Amazon company has been in the news for its partnership with local police departments in the US, raising concerns among privacy advocates. A data leak in December 2019 exposed users' personal information, according to reports, leading CNET to remove all Ring products from recommendation

Still, Ring is making a big showing at CES with several new devices, outlined below in further detail. Ring also made some privacy announcements at the show, including requiring two-factor authentication for new products and a Control Center for privacy settings


The Access Controller Pro has to be hardwired by a professional installer. 


Access Controller Pro

The Ring Access Controller Pro is an access-control product that's supposed to make dumb gates app-enabled. Ring says the device works with electronic access gates; it has to be hardwired and requires professional installation. Once installed, users should be able to control their gate from the Ring app on their phone. 

The Access Controller Pro can also be paired with a Ring doorbell or security camera to see who's at the gate -- and then let them in -- all from the same app. 

The Access Controller Pro is available today for $299. 


Ring is introducing LED bulbs to its product lineup. 

James Martin/CNET

Smart LED Bulbs


Ring's latest outdoor lights are solar powered. 


Ring may already have a line of smart lighting products, but this is the first time the company has offered LED bulbs. Available in two styles -- the A19 Smart LED Bulb and the PAR38 Smart LED Bulb -- Ring's smart LEDs are supposed to be weather-resistant. That should mean you can use them either inside or outside housed in a covered light fixture. 

The new Ring Smart LED Bulbs will be controllable via the Ring app -- turn the lights on and off, dim them and create custom schedules. 

The A19 bulb costs $15 and the PAR38 costs $25; both will be available on April 1. 

Ring Smart Lighting Solar

Ring is also adding to its smart lighting lineup with solar-powered versions of three existing products -- a $90 Solar Floodlight, a $30 Solar Steplight and a $40 Solar Pathlight. Like Ring's standard Floodlight, Steplight and Pathlight, the solar models are motion-enabled, but they draw power from the sun rather than a battery (the standard Floodlight comes in both a battery-powered and a hardwired version). 

Ring's solar-powered Smart Lighting products will be available April 1. 

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