In Amazon Super Bowl ad, Alexa fails wreak havoc (and bug Han Solo)

Alexa, show me Harrison Ford yelling at a dog and the Broad City gals having a hot tub mishap.

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Ry Crist

We've seen a string of chuckle-worthy Alexa Super Bowl ads from Amazon in recent years featuring stars like Alec Baldwin and Rebel Wilson. This year, the online mega-retailer is back with more star power for this year's Super Bowl

First teased last Friday, Amazon's new ad pokes fun at the abundance of Alexa devices by starting with the very real Alexa Microwave, then showcases some of the rejects that didn't make the cut. Helping the company out is an impressive string of celebrities, each one flummoxed by an increasingly disastrous run of voice-activated Alexa gadgets gone wrong. 

There's Forest Whitaker struggling to listen to a podcast on his Alexa toothbrush;  Harrison Ford at his wits' end with an Alexa dog collar that orders meat products whenever his Boston terrier barks; Broad City stars Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson in a poorly thought-out Alexa hot tub; NASA twins Mark and Scott Kelly tinkering with an Alexa-activated space station...

You know what? Just watch it, it's pretty good.

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