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The best TV deals for watching the big game

More updates!! You don't need to spend a lot to watch the Super Bowl on a big screen. These deals are available now, and there are more to come!


You can get a 75-inch TV for as little as $900! Gooooo, sports!


I'm not saying you need a big TV to be happy. I'm saying you need a big TV to be happier. Especially if you like football, because the bigger the screen, the more you feel like you're actually at the game.

If you're about ready for an upgrade, you've come to the right month: January is a great time to shop for a new TV, because stores typically hold sales in advance of the playoffs and Super Bowl.

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In fact, the deals are starting to roll in -- and there will be more in the days to come. Here's a roundup of the best big-TV discounts you can get right now. Be sure to bookmark this post and check back often, as I'll be updating it as more sales appear.

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Best 55-inch TV deals

I'd consider a 55-inch screen the bare minimum for party-friendly football viewing.

Hisense R7 55-inch 4K HDR Roku TV: $300 (save $200)


Although Best Buy no longer has its 55-inch Insignia with Fire TV for $330, it's now offering a Hisense Roku model for even less. The only thing I'd question is the lack of user reviews. But, hey, don't like it? Take it back to the store.

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Best 65-inch TV deals

This is the TV-deal sweet spot right now, as prices have never been better -- and anything larger might actually overwhelm the average living room.

All-time low!

TCL 65-inch 4 Series Roku TV: $480 (save $120)

Sarah Tew/CNET

Although the newer TCL 6 Series is getting all the attention right now, let's not forget that as recently as a few months ago, the Series 4 ranked among our very favorite budget TVs.

Right now, Costco has the best deal to date: just $479.99. As you might expect, though, you need a Costco membership to get that deal. Don't have one? Best Buy continues to offer this model for $499.99.

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Best 75-inch TV deals

You're still going to pay a considerable premium for a TV of this size, which is why you might want to consider a projector instead (see below). But, if it's super-big you want, super-big you've got:

Hisense H8E Series 75-inch 4K TV: $1,000 (save $500)


Currently one of the few 75-inches available for under $1,000, this Hisense model scored a decent 4.1-star average from customers. It has Android-powered smarts for streaming the likes of Netflix and YouTube, but only two HDMI inputs -- a potentially limiting factor if you plan to connect more than a cable box and game console.

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The projector option

Do you scoff at the idea of a "measly" 75-inch screen? Think you need at least 100 inches to really enjoy your football? In that case, it's time to look at a projector. Look for one that offers native 1080p resolution (as opposed to "support for 1080p sources," which is what you typically see on cheapie models) and at least two HDMI inputs. Here's my pick:

BenQ MH530FHD DLP projector: $447 (save $102)


Able to project a 100-inch image from around 10 feet away, this projector was designed with home theaters in mind. It has two HDMI inputs, 3,300 ANSI lumens and a three-year warranty. Pretty amazing for the price.

See at Amazon

Don't forget the audio

One more thing: Any new TV is going to need an assist in the sound department. Because seeing the big game is only half the battle, and most TVs have fair-to-poor built-in speakers.

If you want a really cheap solution, find an old pair of computer speakers and plug them in. (You may need a 3.5mm-to-RCA adapter, but that's easy enough.) Believe it or not, this can offer a big improvement.

More likely, though, you'll want a sound bar. Start with CNET's roundup of the best sound bars of 2019, then check back here a bit later. (I'm still scoping out deals; haven't found a killer one just yet.)

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