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How to Sign Up for Amazon's New $5 Prescription Subscription

RxPass is $5 a month and can help you save money on generic medications.

Three orange prescription bottles on a white counter
RxPass is a part of Amazon's online pharmacy service.

Amazon Pharmacy this week launched RxPass, a monthly subscription service for generic medications covering common health conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure and anxiety. As long as you have a current drug prescription, and RxPass has the drug you need, you can get as many of your medications filled, for only $5 a month.

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However, RxPass isn't for everyone, especially if your insurance provides better coverage, you're taking medication that isn't covered by RxPass or because you're not an Amazon Prime member (you must be a Prime subscriber to use RxPass).

If you're interested in RxPass, read on to learn what RxPass is, if you're eligible for the program and what medications you can receive. Here's everything need to know.

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What is RxPass, and is it right for me?

RxPass is a $5 per month subscription for certain generic medications that you have prescriptions for. Currently, you can get generic medications to treat over 80 health conditions, including breast cancer, dementia, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, Parkinson's disease, seizure and epilepsy, Amazon said.

You could consider paying for RxPass if you're uninsured or underinsured and paying more than $5 a month for your prescriptions that you can get via RxPass (see the full list here).

Also, you cannot use a health savings account or a flexible spending account to pay for your RxPass subscription.

Am I eligible for RxPass?

Before you start the sign-up process for Amazon's RxPass, it's good to know what the requirements are to join:

  • You must have an existing drug prescription. RxPass does not help you get a prescription, so you must already have one from a doctor to transfer over to Amazon.
  • You must have an Amazon Prime membership. Before you can sign up for RxPass, you need to have Prime membership. Currently, a Prime membership costs $15 a month or $139 a year. If you're a student, you can get Prime for $7 a month or $69 a year.
  • You must not be receiving benefits from state or federal health care programs. That includes Medicaid or Medicare.
  • You must live in an eligible state. For now, RxPass cannot ship medications to California, Louisiana, Maryland, Minnesota, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Texas or Washington.

How to sign up for RxPass

If you meet all the requirements, go to the Amazon Pharmacy for RxPass page (using the Amazon website or application) on your computer, phone or tablet, and hit the Get started with RxPass button to begin.

The RxPass sign-up process requires you to answer a few eligibility questions and enter information like your name and address, a PIN for your account and a payment method for the monthly subscription fee.

Once you finish, hit the Confirm RxPass subscription button to sign up.

Amazon's RxPass sign up page

Once you sign up for RxPass, you'll be charged a prorated amount for the rest of the month and $5 on the first of the next month.

Screenshots by Nelson Aguilar/CNET

How to add your medications to RxPass

Now that you've signed up for RxPass, you can begin creating your health profile and adding your eligible medications.

You'll be asked to add your insurance (if you have any), enter your medications and find the the doctor that has prescribed those medications to you. Using your ZIP code, Amazon will autofill local doctors with whatever last name you enter. If you find your doctor, tap their name. Finally, you'll be asked to enter any health conditions you have.

Once you finish your health profile, you can view the Amazon prices for your medications, request your prescriptions and place your orders. You can also add any more prescriptions with the Add a medication button. Enter the name of the medication and choose form, strength, frequency and supply.

Amazon will need to confirm with your doctor that your prescriptions are valid, so you may need to wait a bit before you can order anything.

Medications on Amazon RxPass

Escitalopram is the generic version of Lexapro, which you can get with RxPass.

Screenshots by Nelson Aguilar/CNET

Which medications are available on RxPass?

You can get over 50 medications for free with your RxPass subscription, all generic versions of their brand-name counterparts, including:

If you can't tell whether a medication is included in RxPass, look for Included with RxPass tag in the Amazon listing.

You can check out the full medication list here. If you don't see your medication on the list, it may still be available via Amazon Pharmacy, but you would need to pay extra because it wouldn't be covered by RxPass.

Health conditions on RxPass

These are some of the conditions that can be treated with the medication available on RxPass.

Screenshots by Nelson Aguilar/CNET

How to cancel your RxPass subscription

You can easily cancel your RxPass subscription via Amazon, and you'll still be able to use it for the entire month you paid for. Once the month ends, you won't get charged again. However, be warned that if you buy a 60-day supply of a medication with RxPass, your subscription cannot be canceled until your 60-day supply is finished. If you plan on just testing out RxPass, start with a shorter supply so that you can cancel sooner than later.

Also, canceling your Prime subscription will automatically cancel your RxPass.

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The information contained in this article is for educational and informational purposes only and is not intended as health or medical advice. Always consult a physician or other qualified health provider regarding any questions you may have about a medical condition or health objectives.