CNET Asks: What wowed you at CES 2019?

CES 2019 came and went, now it's time to weigh in on your favorites of the show.

Lee Koo Community manager / CNET
2 min read

As CES 2019 winds to an end, the sheer amount of technology items covered/uncovered, announced and demonstrated during the show by our staff was massive! I know it is impossible to cover everything since the show was so ginormous, but our staff did a great job of covering the coolest, weirdest, as well as the best of CES 2019 from smart home devices, car technology and our staff top 10 product picks of CES. (Missed the CES coverage? No worries; you can catch up right here.)

I've been watching and reading the coverage for the past week, and one of my personal favorites of the show was LG's insane rollable OLED TV. One word: WOW! The technology that I'm excited that will come to fruition: over-the-air wireless charging. Yup, you heard me right: charging a device like your phone, smartwatch, hearing aids... through thin air! For you Nintendo Switch owners, this will be reality soon with a Powercast over-the-air charger for your Joy-Cons!  

Another thing that I'm looking forward to and going to get my kids if it ever comes to market: the Y-Brush. A automated toothbrush that can clean your teeth in 10 seconds flat -- no more excuses as to why they didn't brush their teeth. Now enough about what my favorites were; let's turn the tables and ask what wowed you at this year's CES. In the polls below, while I couldn't list most of what was covered, I narrowed down a few lists so you can share what impressed you most. Now if I didn't list a product that you thought stole the show or wowed you, no worries; the comment section is wide open for you to tell us exactly what made the show for you. So hit the polls and sound off!