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DirecTV Stream prices will reportedly increase on most plans this January

The Ultimate and Premier plans will see a $10 increase, according to a report, and the Choice plan will see a $5 price hike.

A price hike could be hitting DirecTV Stream customers.

DirecTV Stream subscribers may be in for a more expensive new year. The live TV streaming service is set to raise its prices on just about all of its plans beginning in January, according to a report Friday from the Streamable.

Subscribers to the $85 a month Choice plan will see their bill increase by $5, while those on the $95 Ultimate plan and the $140 Premier plan should prepare for a $10 monthly increase, reported Streamable, citing unnamed sources.

Additionally, some legacy users from Direct TV Now and AT&T TV Now are reportedly facing a $10 price hike. Those with the Live a Little, Just Right, Go Big or Go Big Early Adopter plan will all see the increase, according to Streamable. Only the Entertainment plan will reportedly remain at its current price. The plan costs $70 a month and lacks access to regional sports networks.

"We communicate with customers when we update packages and pricing and don't have anything to share at this time," said a DirecTV Stream spokesperson, responding to CNET's request for comment.

DirecTV Stream isn't the only live TV streaming service to impose price hikes. Last month, Hulu announced a $5 increase to its live TV plans, but also added access to ESPN Plus and Disney Plus in an attempt to soften the blow. Those changes are set to take effect on Dec. 21.