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Whaddyareckon?: Reality TV

Big Brother: fascinating social experiment or bogan-populated trashfest? We get your opinions on the reality TV stalwart.

Despite concerted pleas for its axing from politicians, media commentators and the general public, Big Brother will be back to entertain -- and no doubt disgust -- the nation in 2008.

Auditions for the eighth season of the reality series are now open, with potential housemates required to submit a biographical video to the official show Web site. But given the falling ratings of the franchise and its reputation for showcasing the worst of Australian society, will anybody be watching?

In Whaddyareckon? this week, we ask for opinions on Big Brother and reality TV. Is it a fascinating social experiment that can provide insight into the issues confronting young people? Or is it merely a vehicle for fame-hungry bogans to flash their often surgically enhanced bits on the telly? We hit the streets to find out.

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