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Vizio 2015 M series TV prices leaked: 4K for less

Starting a $599 for at 43-inch model, Vizio's 2015 M series offers full-array local dimming and 4K resolution for prices that significantly undercut the competition so far.


The Vizio P series broke new 4K TV pricing ground in 2014 starting with a 50-inch model for $999.

Now leaked pricing indicates the company's new 2015 M series of 4K TVs as even cheaper.

HDguru.com cites industry sources in leaking the prices, release dates, specifications and model numbers of the 2015 Vizio M series -- information we don't expect to be confirmed until April. The site has a good history of accurately leaking kind of this information.

CNET has reached out to Vizio for a comment, and if we hear back we'll update this report.

In the meantime here are the TVs listed in the leak:

Vizio 2015 M series leaked prices

Model Size Release date Price
M80-C3 80-inch June $3,999
M75-C1 75-inch Fall 2015 $2,999
M70-C3 70-inch Spring $2,199
M65-C1 65-inch Spring $1,699
M60-C3 60-inch Spring $1,499
M55-C2 55-inch Spring $999
M50-C1 50-inch Spring $899
M43-C1 43-inch Spring $599

The 2014 M series was among the best-reviewed TVs at CNET, owing to its excellent picture quality for the money. It was a 1080p resolution TV, and aside from upgrading the lineup to 4K resolution, it appears the 2015 M series is very similar.

The new M series sets keep the full-array local dimming I lauded in the previous models, and according to the leak the 65-inch set has 32 zones. That's the same number as the 2014 M series sets, although like that series I expect the smallest size to have fewer zones.

Another specification cited in the leak is a "240 Hz SPS" refresh rate. As we noted in previous reviews that number is likely inflated, and the real refresh rate is likely to be 120Hz like other 4K TVs, although since the leak lists "Smooth Motion: No" it may actually be a 60Hz refresh rate. We'll have to wait until we can review one to be sure.

What is certain is that these prices are a couple hundred dollars lower than the current P series, and even lower than current 4K TV prices from brands like Samsung (whose own high-end SUHD TV prices were leaked yesterday), LG and Sony.

How or if those brands respond to Vizio's pricing pressure remains to be seen, but either way it looks like the great 4K TV price drop of 2015 is well underway.