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Toshiba WLT68 LCD TVs: Three is the magic number

Tosh's WLT68 range features a whopping three HDMI inputs -- so you can plug in all the hi-def gadgets you can imagine, you little pixel junkies

Toshiba has added more flesh to the bones of its Regza LCD television range, which we first got a sniff of back in April. The WLT68 range features a whopping three HDMI inputs (two at the back and one on the side) -- so you can flick between Sky HD, PlayStation 3 and a Blu-ray or HD DVD player.

New to this range is Active Vision M100 technology, which Toshiba claims doubles the rate at which the signal is scanned by the television, effectively doubling the number of times the screen is refreshed in any given time period. Most televisions scan at 50Hz, whereas the WLT68 will scan at 100Hz. Toshiba reckons this will give a smoother, sharper, more lifelike picture, particularly from the integrated Freeview tuner.

A backlight control automatically tweaks the brightness of the image, in theory giving deeper contrast. Sound output has been enhanced with a separate bass and tweeter system, along with an optional subwoofer and optical audio out to a home cinema system.

The Regza WLT68 range comes in 32-, 37- and 42-inch flavours, all at the high-definition, widescreen resolution of 1366x768 pixels. Prices weren't available at time of publication, but expect a review, you know, soon-ish. -NH