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Toshiba Regza WL and YL TVs bring face recognition and 3D conversion

Make the acquaintance of the Toshiba Regza WL and YL series TVs -- high-end tellies that pack a new processor, 2D to 3D conversion and some other nifty features. Delighted, we're sure.

It might sound like a nickname for a grizzled Cockney boxer, but Toshiba's Regza line of TVs should be taken seriously (though actually we'd take the boxer pretty seriously too). Toshiba's been showing off its new WL- and YL-series LED TVs, and they look like top Tosh tellies.

They'll be the first TVs to hit the UK with Toshiba's 'Cevo' engine -- a multi-core processor the big T estimates will blow your mind straight out the back of your head with its astounding image quality. 2D to 3D conversion is one of Cevo's tricks -- crunching data at rapid speeds to convert despicable old 2D footage into glorious new 3D on the fly, so you can watch 3D films even if you've only got the standard Blu-ray or DVD.

To be honest, we've never seen 2D to 3D conversion done very well -- it tends to render even the most handsome of Hollywood heroes as amorphous 3D blobs. We're hoping Toshiba can do better, as a dearth of actual 3D content means the ability to convert flat footage into watchable 3D would be really useful.

Toshiba tells us Cevo is also adept at countering the annoying darkness that befalls active shutter 3D. Putting on those bulky glasses tends to leave images looking washed-out and dull. We'd be surprised if stuff on this panel ends up looking as good as a bright 2D screen, but every little helps.

These TVs will feature built-in access to Toshiba Places -- a Web-connected service that lets you access things like music, video and social apps from your telly. We've gone hands-on with Places already, and we have our reservations about the amount and quality of content, but there's still time for Toshiba to get more partners on board. Importantly, it has BBC iPlayer.

Both tellies feature facial recognition, so when you walk into the room your TV will identify you, and fry you with a precise yet lethal laser bolt. Okay, it automatically switches to your own personal viewing profile, including your carefully tailored picture and sound settings, and a personalised channel list. Nifty.

The Regza WL- and YL-series TVs will come in 42-inch, 46-inch and 55-inch flavours, and will hit the shops in August. Check out our preview of the top of the range Regza VL series for more.