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Toshiba Regza 37WLT68: A refreshing change

Toshiba has put 100Hz technology -- once used to stop headaches from 50Hz CRT refresh rates -- to good use in its latest LCD: reducing motion blur

Back in the day, when TVs weren't skinny and weighed as much as an elephant, some people complained that the 50Hz refresh rate of PAL televisions wasn't high enough and it made their heads ache. A solution was proposed whereby the heads of those who complained would be removed, the whining $*?!s.

This wasn't especially popular, so boffins came up with a technological solution instead: they artificially increased the refresh rate to 100Hz, which stopped the flickering. Sheer brilliance: telly addicts would once again be able to watch 20 straight hours of television every day.

LCDs don't flicker though, so it would appear that 100Hz technology would be a waste of time. Not so says Toshiba, because 100Hz should also help reduce the motion blurring common on LCD screens. Our initial fiddling with the Regza 37WLT68 proved that this is a very impressive and very much blur-free television. Freeview images were really very impressive indeed, certainly some of the best we've seen on an LCD.

Refresh rate aside, this is a well-specified television. We're particularly thrilled to see that, in addition to the two rear HDMI sockets, Toshiba has included a third hi-def connection at the side of the screen. There are also the usual selection of component, Scart, S-Video and composite video connections scattered about the set.

Overall, we're pretty excited about this television. The styling is particularly pleasant too, featuring the now common piano black that we've always loved. The speakers are also cunningly disguised, making them nearly invisible to all but the keenest speaker-spotters. Expect a full review soon. -IM