Sony Bravia KDL-22PX300 TV with PS2 built-in parties like it's 2000

Two thousand zero zero party over, oops, out of time, so tonight I'm gonna party like I have a Sony PlayStation 2 built into my frickin' television...

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Richard Trenholm
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Two thousand zero zero party over, oops, out of time, so tonight I'm gonna party like I have a last-generation games console built into my frickin' television... as Prince is probably singing to himself today while he reads Crave. The new Bravia KDL-22PX300 LCD television is every bit as bonkers as His Purpleness himself, as it has a PlayStation 2 built into it.

The X300 is a 22-inch, 720p television with four HDMI ports, three USB sockets, and VGA and component inputs. A built-in Freeview tuner lets you watch Top Gear all day every day, with an Ethernet connection for IPTV viewing including services such as YouTube and Lovefilm.

The PS2 allows you to watch DVDs, and you can play PlayStation and PS2 games. That could mean a trip up into the attic or down to Cash Converters, seeing as the PS2 launched ten years ago and the next-generation PlayStation 3 has ruled the roost since 2006. A single controller is included with the TV.

While it is a kosher Sony product, Sony is keeping tight-lipped about the telly and wouldn't give us any details because the company is "not 'actively' pushing the item". We know the feeling: we've lost count of the days we've spent trying not to talk about something that seemed like a fantastic idea the night before.

We can see ourselves having a very similar conversation. "I know, I know, letsh put a PShhhh2, right, in a telly." "Why?" "Because, right, itsh a PShh2... in a telly!" "Brilliant! Letsh do it!"

Twelve hours later: "Crave, can anyone explain to me exactly you have put this PlayStation 2 in this television?" "Sorry sir, we can't talk about that. Er, do you have any Berocca?"

Even if it's not owning up to this one, Sony is keen to stick a PlayStation in anything it can. A Sony Ericsson PlayStation phone is in the pipeline, known as the Zeus Z1. Any minute now there'll be an original PlayStation One in a washing machine, just you watch.

The PS2 telly costs a very reasonable £200, and is only available by dropping into Richer Sounds.