Sony Bravia 2011 range has IPTV, Skype

Sony has unveiled its 2011 range of Bravia televisions in Australia, with image quality and "network services" the major focus of the 22 new models.

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Sony has unveiled its 2011 range of Bravia televisions in Australia, with image quality and "network services" the major focus of the 22 new models.

sony nx720 bravia with 3d skype and iptv
The Sony NX720 will feature a Dynamic Edge LED backlight and comes with two sets of 3D glasses (Credit: Sony )

The company's new range encompasses five main series from the entry-level BX and CX, through the main EX series and up to the high-end NX and HX televisions.

All televisions from the EX range upwards will feature internet connectivity, allowing access to IPTV from the Sony Internet TV service and music streaming from Music Unlimited.

"The new 2011 Bravia LCD TV line-up offers Australians a gateway to an enormous and dynamic world of content," said Toby Barbour, general manager of consumer marketing at Sony Australia.

While Sony has announced a Google TV model in the US, the local arm has confirmed it won't be coming to Australia in 2011.

Sony has followed up last year's Bravia Engine 3 processing engine with a new system called X-Reality which is "designed to optimise and process incoming content to deliver brilliant picture quality — whether it's 3D, HD, SD or low-resolution Internet content".

The high-end HX and NX TVs will feature an improved version of this engine called the X-Reality Pro which features a second processor and can further improve image quality by removing artifacts such as "colour banding".

Sony has ensured build quality is a priority with the top three ranges featuring toughened Gorilla Glass, a hard-wearing material until now only seen on smartphones.

Other features of the entire range include Skype compatibility for all ranges (bar the BX) and Sony will sell an optional USB Skype camera (CMUBR100). Owners of the high-end HX925 will have the camera bundled in the box.

Sony has also improved the 3D features on its 2011 TVS, offering a new set of rechargeable goggles, built-in sensors on all 3D models (NX, HX and EX), and quicker response times promising reduced crosstalk.

The HX925 with its Intelligent Peak LED backlight will come in 55-inch (May 2011) and 65-inch versions (September 2011), while the HX820 and its Dynamic Edge LED backlight will offer 46-inch and 55-inch versions (May 2011).

The step-down NX720 also comes with a Dynamic Edge LED backlight and its 40-inch, 46-inch and 55-inch models will be available in April and May.

The EX series will come in three different flavours: the entry-level EX420, the mid-range EX520 and the EX720. While the EX420 is only 720p, the other two are full-HD (1080p). These televisions will be available beginning in March, in sizes from 26-inch for the EX420 through to 60-inch for the EX720.

The bare-bones BX320 will be available in 22-inch, 26-inch and 32-inch versions, while the step-up CX520 with networking features will come in 32-inch and 40-inch versions. Both series will debut this month.

Sony has yet to announce the price on its television range.