Sky+ HD party: Hangover, Harry and Hanks in hi-def

Sky+ HD is offering customers a free film and an M&S voucher to start the high-definition party in December

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Richard Trenholm

Sky is hoping its customers don't end up with a Hangover after holding a Sky+ HD party, complete with free high-definition film.

Ten thousand partymeisters get a choice of movie, from Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, The Hangover (pictured) or Angels and Demons. The parties will take place any time over the weekend of Friday 11 to Sunday 13 December. To make things go with a bang, you also get a £10 Marks and Spencer voucher. We recommend the chocolate party bake tray, although Iceland would go further. Just sayin'.

Sky has obviously been hanging out with Microsoft, since Sky Player was added to Windows 7. Microsoft set the Internet abuzz with its invitations to hold a Windows 7 party. We understand people actually held them an' all.

Three or more friends must accept online invitations by 5pm on 17 November, and the party is a go. Guests must be over 18 and cannot be members of the same household. Party on!