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Samsung LE46F86: 1080p LCD TV causes mass drooling

If you want the ultimate LCD TV technology and a damp chin, might we suggest you cast your eye over the new Samsung LE46F86, a TV whose plethora of yummy features that will make you dribble

Here at the CNET.co.uk offices we give daily thanks for the constant influx of the latest gadgets to play with. The downside, as you can imagine, is that it takes a product of polar coolness to trigger a collective drooling in such battle-weary tech journalists. Yesterday, however, a box landed that triggered a mass salivation -- the Samsung LE46F86.

This is a TV we've been excited about seeing for some time, but especially since our little trip to the IFA tech show this year.

Firstly, the F86 constitutes what most people want in their living room. It's available in a 40- or 46-inch screen, which is a whole bunch of TV, but probably just about manageable in most British living rooms. It's also styled in such a way that will provoke generous comments about your taste and style. Something every large-screen TV owner secretly yearns for.

Secondly, it features some superb features, such as full 1080p support, three HDMI 1.3 sockets and wide colour enhancement. It also has Samsung's 100Hz technology, which it calls 'Motion Plus', that helps movies look a little smoother and less jumpy.

If those aren't enough to make you slobber along with us, then you're dead inside. This truly is an exciting TV, although the only problem is the price, which is a little bank-balance unfriendly at £1,600. We'll have a full review of the LE46F86 in the incredibly near future, so stay tuned.

Update: A full review of the LE46F86 is now available. -Ian Morris