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Samsung announces the world’s largest 3D LED TV

Samsung has announced the 65C8000, the worlds largest 3D LED TV. Out in time for October, the TV puts the company at the top of the European 3D TV market

At the European trade show IFA in Berlin, Samsung announced a number of new 3D televisions, including the worlds largest LED illuminated LCD TV. The company has crowned iteslf leader in 3D TV, and with good reason, because according to its figures, 90 per cent of 3D TVs sold in the first half of 2010 were Samsung models.

Its gigantic new 65-inch, 65C8000, 3D LED TV is certainly something to get excited about if you’re a 3D lover. When it comes to an immersive multi-dimensional experience, the bigger the TV, the better and there aren’t very many TVs in the world larger than 65 inches. But such an impressive TV comes at a cost, namely £5,000 plus whatever it costs to extend your living room to accommodate such a beast.

Like the other C8000  series of TVs, the 65-inch model boasts advanced backlight control, to maximise black levels and cut down on hotspots. The TV is also Wi-Fi ready -- meaning you’ll have to purchase a separate dongle to get it online wirelessly, which stikes us as mean on a £5,000 TV.

The 65C8000 is expected to be available in October. If you don’t have room --or the finances -- for a 65-inch TV, then we highly recommend the 55-inch model, which we’ve reviewed. You can also watch a video about the smaller model, to get a more detailed look at Samsung’s excellent 3D LED range.