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Samsung 4K TVs get £700 and £1,000 price cuts

Samsung's ultra high-def tellies have just become slightly more affordable. Slightly.

Samsung's 4K TVs have just become a bit more affordable -- though you'll still need to sell off several key organs to own one.

The 65-inch F9000 went on sale in the UK just last month with a wince-inducing £5,999 price tag. A whole grand has been sliced off that price, Trusted Reviews spied, with the pixel-packing gadget wall-occupier now costing £4,999.

Meanwhile the smaller 55-inch model has also had its cost cut, from a quid shy of £4,000 to £3,299 at Currys and PC World. I've contacted Samsung for clarification on the new prices, and to ask whether any other tellies are being discounted, and I'll update this story if I hear back.

While 4K is still the preserve of the televisual elite thanks to their high price, those who do decide to splash out should be wary -- as Geoffrey Morrison writes for our sister site CNET, you'll need a TV that's much bigger than 55-inches to really see the benefit of 4K.

There's nothing particularly clever about 4K, or Ultra high-definition (UHD) as it's sometimes known -- it merely packs in about four times as many pixels as regular HD.

That makes for more detail in theory, but there's currently very little you can actually watch in this new format, and we may be waiting a while before broadcast TV and disc-based entertainment catch up.

Sony also has 4K TVs on sale, at similarly wallet-straining prices.

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