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Samsung 110-inch Ultra HD TV is world's largest, on sale now

Samsung is now selling a UHD TV that's bigger than a king-size bed. Just don't expect it to be cheap.

Big telly klaxon! This is Samsung's 110-inch Ultra HD TV, that kicks sand in the face of Samsung's puny 85-inch model. And it's not just a concept to roll out at trade shows -- you can actually buy this thing from today.

It's available in China, the Middle East, and "a few European countries", according to Engadget, but there's no word on whether that includes the UK. I've put the Korean press release through Google Translate, and that's not much clearer (one sample excerpt: "in this release of the world's largest UHD TV UHD TV through further expand its market share will"). So I've contacted Samsung UK and will update this story if I hear back.

This behemoth measures 2.6 metres by 1.8. To put that in perspective, it's bigger than a king-size bed.

There's no word on a price, but I'm guessing it's not cheap.

Ultra HD (aka 4K) TVs have four times the picture resolution of standard HD. You can expect bags more detail, a ton more texture, and a far better viewing experience all round.

They're still prohibitively pricey, though. A 55-inch set costs around £3,000, which is a lot to pay, especially when you consider there are hardly any 4K movies or TV shows to watch on it. As with most new technologies, you're better off waiting a while until the sets improve, there's more support from the programme makers, and the prices come down.

At CES in just over a week's time, Samsung will show off some new tellies you can control by waving your fingers. It'll go head to head with LG too, as they both unveil their massive curved UHD TVs.

Would you want a telly bigger than a king-size bed? Let me know in the comments, or on our Facebook page.