Photos: The biggest televisions in the world

The usual 'mine's bigger than yours' attitude of gadget fairs is in full force here at CeBIT, so we pounded the floors to find the best of the biggest

Ian Morris

No gadget show would be complete with a smattering of 'the world's largest televisions' and CeBIT is no exception. This photo story is a collection of the biggest and best.

There were not one, but two Panasonic 103-inch plasmas at CeBIT this year. The picture quality of this screen really is remarkable -- with 1080p pictures it looks stunning. We've pretty much ruled out being able to get one in for review though...

The 108-inch Sharp which was unveiled at this year's CES will eventually go on sale, although we aren't sure how they could get it into a standard-size British house. Perhaps they'll airlift it in through a specially made hole in the roof?

The Technovision 205-inch is more likely to be used at stadia than in anyone's house, and you need to sit a pretty long way away to get the best out of the picture, because of the way it works. Click to the next picture for more detail.

Unlike plasma or LCD TVs, this one uses loads of tiny coloured LEDs to produce the picture. This shot shows you what they look like when you get up close and personal. They're so bright they quickly give you a bit of a headache.