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Phiaton PS 200 Earphones: Stylish design, balanced audio

The Phiaton PS 200 Primal Series Earphones offer a stylish, durable design and balanced audio response, but the high price and subtle bass may turn off some potential listeners.

Phiaton gave us a nice surprise last year with its anything-but-ordinary MS 400 Moderna Series headphones. This full-size set features an eye-catching red and black design with uniquely patterned earcups and plenty of extras in the box.

The company's flagship earbuds, the PS 200 Earphones, are no different. Like their bigger sibling, Phiaton's littlest headphones feature stylish touches, a slick carrying case, and solid sound quality, but potential consumers might have trouble swallowing the $249 price tag from a relative unknown in the headphone market.

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