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HolidayBuyer's Guide
Like their bigger sibling, Phiaton's littlest headphones feature stylish touches, a slick carrying case, and solid sound quality, but potential consumers might have trouble swallowing the $249 price tag from a relative unknown in the headphone market.
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We will say this, though: anyone with an eye for style will have trouble glossing over the Phiaton PS 200 Primal Series. Each earpiece is contained within a conical black and silver casing that brings to mind a mini jet engine. The ends have a textured, fan-like insert that account for this funky look.
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The tapered design of the earbuds works well with the shape of the ear, and Phiaton includes several sets of standard silicone tips for help with fit, but not all users will find them comfortable. It would have been nice to find a greater variety of sleeves in this price range.
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On the plus side, the package includes a high-quality, hard-sided carrying case with an integrated cable-management system and storage for the eartips.
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Descending from the PS 200 earbuds is a black Y cable that meets at a brushed-metal accent where you'll find a slider for tangle prevention. The cord is impressively thick and measures just over 4 feet on the whole.
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At the end is a standard 3.5mm straight plug. The earphones lack any other features of note. Again, at this price point, we would have liked to see some more extras, such as an optional mic for use with music phones or an inline volume attenuator.
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